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Carpet Tiles Melbourne – Why They Are Great For Business & Homes

carpet tiles melbourne

Carpet Tiles are employed in cities all over Australia. In particular, Melbourne, where it has a high density of office blocks with raised access flooring installed and built-up residential areas.

Fitting carpet tiles across this flooring type is crucial in gaining access to cabling concealed beneath the elevated floor.

Using carpet tiles slightly shorter in length than the panels implies that both panel and tile joints are staggered and not immediately on top of each other, ensuring a constant flat floor covering.

We sell carpet tiles in Melbourne each day to many corporate, business, and residential customers looking for a hard-wearing flooring surfacing that can deliver high performance and low maintenance at an affordable cost.

What are the best carpets and flooring for business and commercial use?

Carpet Tiles are perfect for all high traffic situations in particular busy offices where the wheels of workstation & computer chairs are regularly rolling over the covering.

Conventional carpet would not stand up to this unless it was installed correctly. Nevertheless, there is one notable disadvantage when using regular carpet in offices and commercial buildings.

If the carpet becomes stained and the marks cannot be eliminated, there is no option but to replace the whole floor, which can be costly.

However, if carpet tiles are fitted, the stained tile can be simply lifted and restored with a new one.

A good quality carpet tile can last for years and can be remarkably friendly to the environment. Many top label carpet tile businesses are trying to reduce the volume of old carpet deposited in landfill sites by actively selling carpet tiles as the green future flooring industries.

Carpet suppliers are now working to find a way of turning a carpet tile back into its separate elements at the end of its life to be re-used and recycled into new carpet tiles again.

This indicates that we will enjoy recycled flooring, again and again, to help cities like Melbourne carpet tile their way into the next era.

Are carpet tiles a good idea?

The Pros of Carpet Tiles. While some schemes will explicitly require hard flooring or a different type of carpet, this isn’t the situation for most businesses.

Modular carpet tiles are the best floor carpeting choices, allowing easy installation and maintenance, longevity, and producing a healthy, relaxed indoor environment.

Are carpet tiles cheaper than carpet?

Carpet tiles can be less costly.

Carpet tiles can be less costly than other carpet alternatives, especially if you choose the right solution.

They are also significantly less expensive than hard coverings such as ceramic tiles. (while adding some warmness and colour to your room.

carpet tiles melbourne

Do I need to underlay for carpet tiles?

You don’t need to underlay for carpeting tiles. Carpet tiles come with a lining already bonded to the tile, so there’s no need for a separate underlay. This can save you money or the extra underlay cost.

Which carpet tiles are best?

Most low pile carpet tiles are great options for a business with office space and stairs or shops with high traffic areas.

Loop pile polypropylene carpet tiles are usually not suitable for heavy use areas. Still, they are cheaper to produce and can be used in modest to general use areas or domestic spaces.

How long do carpet tiles last?

10-12 years
It’s fair to say that most businesses look for their carpet tiles to last somewhere within 10-12 years.

How do carpet tiles stay together?

Carpet tiles are specifically designed squares of carpeting made to lockdown in a comparable way to standard carpet flooring. Some of the tiles adhere to the floors utilising adhesives, while others are held or stapled down.

Vacuuming Carpet Tiles

Vacuuming is necessary for any carpet care, including carpet tiles. Proper routine vacuuming is the most useful thing you can do for any carpet in your house or business.

Be sure to periodically vacuum carpet tiles at least once a week and often depending on foot traffic.

Can you put carpet tiles on an uneven floor?

Carpet tiles are the ideal material for uneven flooring. You can roll, bend, curl and buckle carpet any way you like and can do so comfortably.

The carpet will adapt to your floor’s shape, and plush carpets will also hide the deformities in your floor to produce a more consistent look.

Can I lay carpet tiles on concrete?

Carpet tiles can adhere to concrete, particleboard subfloors or plywood. In some instances, you can also install carpet tiles over existing timber or wood flooring, tile or vinyl flooring so long as the present flooring is no more than an inch deep.

Are carpet tiles suitable for bedrooms?

When picking a carpet tile for use in a bedroom, it is always necessary to identify its construction and the colour. This type of flooring is ideal for any part of the house.

Because carpet tiles can alternate in their colour and patterns, they can make a great alternative to standard carpet solutions, giving your bedrooms or homes a unique style and interior decor.

carpet tiles melbourne

How much do carpet tiles cost?

Carpet Tile Costs
Carpet Tiles are an excellent choice for any type of home or business building. They can give you a modern, and alternative style finish to your home or business.

Our carpet tiles in Melbourne are quality and are made from high-end materials for longevity and endurance.

We stock all carpets and flooring types to suit any budget, new project or home and business renovation. Visit our flooring store below for more information on our range of carpet tiles in Melbourne.

Our carpet tiles for sale in our store represent some of the most sought after commercial flooring products available online today. Be a winner and check out our range of colourful and modular designs for home and business renovations, new install and replacement flooring.

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