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Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

Sierra – 100% Solution Dyed Nylon Multi-Leveled Loop

The floor, which makes the base of an interior space, plays a key role in bringing nature into the indoor space, making it biophilic and capitative.

When Sierra Carpet Tiles are utilised such space, people would experience enhanced creativity and feel more restorative.

When designing the Sierra Carpet Tile Range, We took the hues from the landscape to form a stunning and positive connection to a healthy ecosystem.

⦁ 15 Year Commerical Limited Warranty
⦁ Commerical extra heavy duty rated
⦁ Superior stain resistance and durability
⦁ Colourfast and fade resistant
⦁ Built-in anti-static protection & Insect Resistant
⦁ Fire-rated
⦁ Product by Airlay
Corporate Collection – 100% Solution Dyed Nylon Textured Loop

Our Corporate Range Carpet Tiles are a Tufted Textured Loop Carpet Tile. Made out of 100% solution-dyed nylon, the corporate Range Carpet Tiles not only offer complete consistency in colour, it also provide superior stain resistance and additional durability.

The corporate Range Carpet Tiles are available in 7 designs and may be employed in areas like commercial buildings, large apartment complexes, offices, schools, retail shops, medical centres, and any public area where if installed properly can perform exceptionally in heavy pedestrian traffic.

⦁ 15 Year Commerical Limited Warranty
⦁ Commerical extra heavy duty rated
⦁ Superior stain resistance and durability
⦁ Colour fast and fade resistant
⦁ Built-in anti-static protection & Insect Resistant
⦁ Fire rated
⦁ Product by Airlay
Paragon Collection – 100% Solution Dyed Nylon Multi-Leveled Loop

A premium solution-dyed nylon carpet tile with a very vibrant colour palette, the Paragon carpet tiles collection comes in 18 colours. It can give your home or business a colourful yet corporate-type look and feel.

⦁ 15 Year Commerical Limited Warranty
⦁ Commercial extra heavy duty rated
⦁ Superior stain resistance and durability
⦁ Colour fast and fade-resistant
⦁ Built-in anti-static protection & Insect Resistant
⦁ Fire-rated
⦁ Product by Airlay
Paragon Collection – Colour Combinations

Why Choose Our Carpet Tiles In Melbourne?

CarpetAce features a long history and knowledge when it involves carpet tiles. Over 40 years, actually. Our leading industry expertise and professional training help us deliver a quick, friendly, and experienced Melbourne business.

Our prices are affordable and tailor-made to suit everyone’s tastes and budget. Our range is handpicked from a more extensive selection by our 40-year veterans within the industry.

Our experienced fitters are the most effective in Melbourne. They can install and provide your dream flooring for your dream project. Our prices can’t be beaten, and our reviews tell you how much we love our job as your local suppliers and fitters in Melbourne.

We maintain and envision a business that gives you, the customer, the most effective end products your money can purchase, and in an age of convenience, we will pull up and get rid of your carpet tiles. We will also move furniture in readiness for your new quality installation in your house, business or commercial property.

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are floor carpeting. Usually, a square or rectangular pattern laid separately over a wide section. The complete floor mirrors carpet, but they can be spread to enable the textures and patterns to produce a specific design or style. They are specifically manufactured to create custom designs and patterns over large and small areas within homes and businesses. Their modular design can be mixed and matched to suit almost any interior design concept of any home or business.

Another characteristic of modular carpets is that entry points in the floors of properties such as basements and access to wiring and other points, especially in businesses with multiple floors, are readily assessable, as you only have to remove part of the carpet.

Carpet tiles are a favourite choice for businesses and commercial premises such as stores, offices, reception areas and other high traffic areas, delivering several benefits to a commercial setting:

    • Sound insulation and dispersal

CarpetAce supplies a variety of acoustic carpet tiles created by Airlay. This variety of carpet tile is designed with technology using acoustic properties to intercept unwanted noise from ground or floor surfaces. Our acoustic carpet tiles appear in a wide variety of patterns and colours.

    • Functional and hard-wearing

Carpet tiles remain an affordable and effective floor carpeting. They present an ideal solution for commercial settings due to their durability, stain-resistant features and the quickness with which they can be cleaned or replaced.

    • Mix and Match

Our award quality carpet tiles can be arranged to form distinct designs in various patterns and colours to accommodate the business’s style.

Commercial carpet tiles can complement a business’s essence in commercial structures such as shops, offices, and public locations like art galleries, shared meeting rooms and museums. Pick colours and patterns to communicate a mood, message, idea or build a point of focus.

Do I need an underlay for carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles don’t require the use of an underlay. If you are undertaking a DIY installation, you’ll be happy to know that carpet tiles can be laid on virtually any solid surface without underlay. The surface is required to be smooth, clean, and free of dirt and rubble. If you are removing old carpet, be conscious not to leave protruding nails and damaging carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles can be laid straight onto hardwood subfloors, tiles, cement and even laminate without underlay.

What size are carpet tiles?

High-class, commercially-rated square carpet tiles are usually 500mm x 500mm and produced in varying thicknesses, including 2.5mm to 6mm. Carpet planks are frequently 1000mm long and 250mm wide, ranging in thickness to approximately 6mm.

How much do carpet tiles cost?

Our carpet tile varieties differ significantly, not just in the fibres, colours and designs but also in size, depth, and shape.

You’ll see polypropylene carpet tiles are extensively used around Australia for high-traffic areas in commercial settings. Solution-dyed nylon premium carpet tiles are a favorite choice for office areas.

The cost of carpet tiles per square metre is accordingly based on many factors. Still, they do present an economical and affordable floor carpeting able to cope with heavy-duty usage.

To determine the cost of carpet tiles for your Australian company, contact CarpetAce for a free measure and quote. Our mobile service permits us to come to your doorstep with samples and a birds-eye view of our quality carpets.

Are carpet tiles used for homes?

Cheap carpet tiles are specially adapted to commercial environments because they are created to handle heavy-duty foot traffic. Our high-quality commercial carpet tiles further meet the standards needed for fire ratings and heavy-duty commercial usage.

Nevertheless, there is no reason that award quality loose lay carpet tiles can’t be applied in residential homes, apartments, buildings and houses. The exceptional stain-resistant features in our products make them a surpassing flooring option for investment properties or areas in the family home, needing hard-wearing floor carpeting such as family rooms and living spaces.

What are the benefits of using carpet tiles in your office space?

Stain-resistant commercial carpet tiles are perfect for office spaces anywhere you may need:

  • a practical and hard-wearing floor covering or carpeting
  • a stain-resistant covering that is easily washed, cleaned or replaced
  • a varied floor covering which is similarly quiet underfoot
  • visually appealing patterns in colours and designs to complement your business or company
  • cost-effective and inexpensive flooring for large spaces

What are different carpet tile flooring options?

Peruse our product range to see a generous amount of patterns in various bright or neutral colours and several shapes and sizes.

Carpet tiles can be square – frequently 500mm x 500mm, and they may vary in thickness between 2.5mm and 5.0mm. Carpet tiles are likewise produced in plank shapes – regularly 250mm wide and 1000mm long.

What colour ranges can you get carpet tiles in?

CarpetAce’s comprehensive range offers a vast choice of colours. See our range of carpet tiles, such as our paragon collection or our corporate collection, created by our premium supplier, Airlay.

Why are carpet tiles the best choice for commercial flooring?

Even though commercial carpet tiles are produced with high durability and superior stain-resistant characteristics, individual tiles are readily cleaned or replaced with minimum disturbance.

This indicates they are an excellent fit for the high-traffic zones of:

  • public spaces and areas
  • medical facilities such as doctors and hospitals
  • aged care homes and retirement facilities
  • the hospitality sector, such as restaurants
  • educational institutions such as schools and colleges
  • recreational buildings
  • offices, and
  • Retail settings such as storefronts, reception areas, and meeting rooms.

Commercial carpet tiles are additionally an affordable flooring choice for covering large spaces. They are:

  • fast and easy to fit,
  • ready to be laid in a variety of patterns to create specific appearances, and
  • prepared in a fabulous choice of colours and designs to complement any business or company.

What rooms are carpet tiles best suited to?

Throughout a commercial setting, this type of flooring can be fitted throughout offices. They are also perfect for medical, retail, educational, and recreational facilities, and everywhere in the aged care and hospitality areas and public places.

Our products are an excellent choice for rumpus rooms and children’s playrooms in residential investment properties and family homes and houses.

Carpet tiles can be fitted in residential properties and commercial premises that may invite spills or moisture, such as kitchens. Still, unless you can dry them quickly, you may find yourself replacing single tiles often. A more suitable option for the ‘wet’ areas may be one of the flooring options in our vinyl flooring range.

Installing carpet tiles is like placing vinyl, ceramic, or porcelain floor tiles but with far higher ease and versatility.

One of the most valuable aspects of carpet tiles is creating various visual effects utilising laying methods based on direction. These conventional installation techniques creating distinct patterns are categorised as:

  • Monolithic
  • Brick
  • Quarter Turn
  • Ashlar

Carpet tiles may also resemble a floating floor constructed from timber flooring laminate or luxury vinyl plank flooring. They are just as quickly laid with the least cuts required. Carpet tiles can be fitted as a DIY project. If this piques your curiosity, you can contact us for more information. We are the best people to guide the correct way to lay and fix your carpet tiles in position.

Alternatively, our expert carpet installers can lay out our products for you at a great price.

How much to install carpet tiles?

The cost of laying commercial flooring products is reliant on several factors. These involve:

  • the size of the space being included,
  • the square metre cost of the stock itself,
  • the state of the subfloor and the work needed to prepare it,
  • the foundation materials and the time it needs to perform the job.

Are carpet tiles good?

Carpet tiles are economical, durable, long-lasting and marvellous for commercial settings and residential areas. They are a contemporary and stylish floor covering, more versatile than broadloom carpeting, and obtainable in various colours, designs, patterns, densities, and styles.

Often created from hard-wearing polypropylene or solution-dyed nylon carpet fibres, these products are a reliable flooring option. They are a favourite choice in spaces wherever spills or stains happen because they are highly stain-resistant and replaced on a tile-by-tile foundation if required.

Our products also give a very affordable flooring choice when comprising large spaces, which commercial settings typically are.

Advice on picking the best commercial floor covering for your commercial premises is free from the expert team at your local CarpetAce Store. 

How to lay carpet tiles?

If you lay carpet tiles, you can produce visual effects and patterns utilising directional fitting techniques or create a uniform carpet impression.

Do you put underlay under carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles appear in a range of thicknesses and have a built-in lining, so they do not require underlay.

What are the benefits of carpet tiles?

Our flooring options remain ideal in retail, educational, medical, and hospitality sectors and office and reception areas. Carpet tiles grant the following advantages:

  • durable, tough, and stain-resistant
  • quickly and easily cleaned or replaced
  • quiet and soft underfoot
  • cost-effective in large spaces

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