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How To Protect Your Commercial Flooring and Carpet

how to protect commercial carpet flooring

How To Protect Your Commercial Flooring and Carpet

Summer days are just around the corner, but with all that sun and heat, companies often overlook that some phases of spring and summer can pose severe harm to their company’s flooring. The unfortunate news is that nearly all flooring types have wear and tear risks linked with warmer weather. The good news? CarpetAce – Commercial Flooring Specialists Melbourne has you covered, providing you with all of the industry tips and advice you need to protect your commercial flooring as the warmth heats up.

Types Of Carpet and Flooring Damage

Sun Damage

Bright, sunny days are a norm for spring and summer but can be damaging to your floors. Over time, UV rays can create discolouration, making the flooring look dated and dingy. This is particularly true for hardwood floors, where the issue can grow visually unattractive and pricey to repair.

How to protect your floors?

Sufficient window treatments can be an invaluable tool in combating UV damage. Curtains and shades are the most fitting, but if you favour allowing natural light flow during the day, installing a UV protection film over your windows will help filter the sunshine. Investing in a sun-protective sealant can also give another layer of protection.

Moisture and Humidity

As our Melbourne residents know, humidity levels in the summer can get notably high. If you have engineered hardwood floors installed, this can be a recipe for catastrophe, producing bowing and buckling all spring and summer long.

How to protect your floors?

A dehumidifier can be a significant relief when there is excess condensation that will stop minor bowing. Still, the best way to protect your commercial flooring is with the proper primary installation. Your local flooring installers should consider the inevitable expansion that occurs with humidity and place your engineered hardwood flooring respectively. Our professionals at CarpetAce have the required skills to ensure that your engineered hardwoods are fitted to last if you need quality installation.

Dirt, Mud and Sand Tracking

When the terrain outside begins to soften from the wet season of rain, the possibilities of dirt and mud clinging to a customer’s shoe becomes more likely. Once the summer rolls about, more and more customers may be coming from the beach right to your business, making for dirty and possibly scratched flooring from these outside particles.

How to protect your floors?

In solid surface flooring situations, the best way to fight off dirt and debris is to set doormats or rugs in front of all your business entrances. Next, make sure to clean the floors daily with a cleaning method proper for your flooring. In carpeted buildings, dirt may be a more significant issue since it leaves the product looking drab and dirtied over time. Be sure to clean carpet mishaps and messes quickly since the longer a dirt stain remains, the harder it is to lift or remove it. Be sure to schedule cleanings based upon your requirements and the traffic flow through your location.

Water Damage

Rainy days, dripping air conditioners, and ice-cold drinks scattering onto your floors can all create water damage over time and make for costly repairs. The most significant risk is with hardwood and engineered hardwood floors. Still, laminate, carpet, and even tile can become blemished and discoloured from the liquids just as quickly.

How to protect your floors?

There is no definite way to protect your floors from water damage altogether. Still, there are measures you can take to reduce damage. For hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring, a floor sealant like wax or polyurethane can add an extra layer to your floors and any water they come in touch with. For carpeting, keeping doormats at doorways will prompt customers to wipe wet shoes before accessing the facility.

No matter what is launched at your commercial flooring throughout these warmer seasons, these tips can help preserve and protect them. Does your business need floors that can resist the elements this summer? Our specialists at CarpetAce are here to help find the perfect flooring solution for your business.

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