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What Is Loop Pile Carpet?

Loop pile carpets

What is a loop pile carpet? 

A loop pile carpet range has strands of wool or synthetic fibres looped into the carpet backing. The distinction between a loop pile & a cut pile carpet is that these loops are cut in a cut pile carpet.

In level loop pile carpets, the loops are of a consistent length, which creates a relatively level & even look, or more usually, the loops are intended to form a patterned & textured appearance. Some carpet styles blend both loop & cut piles to produce unique patterns.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of using a loop pile carpet?

Loop & cut piles both have pros & cons. One of the main advantages of level loop pile carpets is the strands of wool or synthetic fibres are extremely resilient to crushing, soiling, & staining.

Dust, soil, debris, & spills don’t penetrate level loop pile carpets to the equivalent degree as a cut pile, which indicates they may have a higher resistance to staining. Loop pile carpets are also less prone to show footprints or marks from furniture than cut pile carpets, & they also don’t leave tracking marks after vacuuming.

Loop pile carpets can produce an assorted range of carpet designs because they can be assembled into a variety of patterned & textured designs or smooth & even finishes, creating quite complex visual impressions. 

While loop pile carpets are considered more manageable to clean than cut pile carpets because spills lie on the surface of a loop pile longer than on a cut pile, innovative technological construction processes must also take some credit as they have delivered excellent stain-resistant properties, especially in synthetic carpets.

When comparing loop & cut piles, possibly the only disadvantage to using loop pile carpet is that it may lack the high-end, sleek finish of a luxurious cut pile carpet.

For formal lounges and luxury homes, the cut pile gives a sleek appearance, while visually, a loop pile may be better fitted to casual areas of the house. That being said, it is a matter of taste as to whether you prefer the look of appearance of loop or cut piles.

Is loop pile carpet durable?

Loop pile carpet is durable. Looping the strands of wool or synthetic fibres into the carpet backing produces a highly durable & resilient surface.

Is loop pile carpet good? 

Loop pile carpet is ideal for family homes as it is durable, resilient, fashionable, & stain-resistant. Loop pile is a favourite style of carpet for high-traffic areas in the home due to its strength & resilience.

The patterned & textured surface is a little more merciful than a cut pile, particularly in a darker colour, & a looped fibre has added strength while also remaining stain & soil-resistant.

As a pointer to how well loop pile carpets endure heavy foot movement, loop pile is the structure often used in polypropylene carpets distinguished for their hardwearing capabilities & the reason they are the approved carpet for rental and commercial properties.

Is loop pile carpet affordable?

Many factors decide the price of the carpet. The size of the area you need to cover is a big element of the total price as the type of fibre as there is a diversity in the cost of wool, synthetic nylon, polyester, polypropylene, & blended carpet types.

Cut Pile vs. Loop Carpet

Cut pile & loop carpets are the two main styles; all carpet styles are either a cut pile or a loop pile. So what of the carpets with decorative style names like a frieze, Berber, or plush? Those are all subcategories of cut or loop carpets. The names only give more insights into how they’re assembled. Overall, carpet styles are just names for how a carpet is created.

Every carpet is cut or looped, but some variations of carpets produce other unique construction features, such as twists or fibre height, that give them a unique name.

With this general idea in mind, let’s learn a little more about cut pile and loop carpets because you’re likely to encounter them during your carpet shopping adventure.

Types of loop pile carpets

If you leave the carpet in its woven form, it is a loop carpet. This means that the carpet is made up of a mass of loops of fibre. There can be many varieties of loop carpets. Subclasses of loop carpet are level loop carpet, textured loop, multilevel loop, & special loop styles such as Berber. Berber carpet is a famous enough name to warrant its own page, but the rest of the loop carpets can be explained here:

Level Loop Carpet

All of the loops are the identical in height on this carpet. It’s nothing elaborate, but if you like a fresh, tidy look, you may enjoy a level loop carpet. The loops can be large or tiny, but smaller loops tend to be more durable. Typically, conventional level-loop carpets are located more in commercial buildings & settings.

Textured Loop Carpet

Textured loops have subtle height variations giving the carpet a patterned appearance. The different-sized loops bounce light uniquely. This makes prominent patterns in the carpet, which can be a nice feel to make any room look a little more appealing.

Multilevel Loop Carpet

For functional purposes, this is the same as a textured loop. Multilevel loop carpets have more obvious patterns due to the larger difference in loop sizes. Assume the same patterned loop carpet look, just a little more pronounced with a multilevel loop.

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