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What Is Plush Pile Carpet?

plush pile carpets

Plush Pile carpet can be described in both its appearance and texture. It’s a soft carpet that is elegant, luxurious. Plush, a real treat for your feet!

This carpet style produces a pile that’s cut in a uniform, even way that gives the carpet a particularly soft feel. During manufacturing, the tufts are cut to make the plush pile flawlessly flat. It’s made in many different, solid colours, & its charming look makes plush one of the most widespread carpet styles on the market.

Like any major investment for your home, it’s smart to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision. That’s where we come in.

What Are The Advantages And Is Plush Carpet Any Good

  • Durable: Plush carpet is one of the extra durable & long-lasting forms of carpet available. It’s constructed for comfort & heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for living rooms & bedrooms.
  • Versatile: Plush carpet is available in a wide variety of colours. They can cover a broad range of decorative ideas & styles. Combined with its comfort, it makes plush one of the most traditional carpets on the market.
  • Aesthetic: The versatility & soft feeling of the plush carpet lends a visual appeal that will tastefully complement any décor style you’re attempting to achieve in your space.

Although plush carpet does a lot to amp up your houses or businesses look, like any material, there are some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Plush Carpet

  • Shows Indentations: As the plush carpet’s fibre pile is so light, it’s quickly indented by furniture. Regular maintenance with a vacuum will also leave indentations; nevertheless, these are quickly swept away with new foot traffic.
  • Risk of Watermarking: Plush pile carpeting has a greater risk of watermarking than other styles of carpet. Watermarking is the result of permanent pile reversal in confined areas. These areas tend to have variable shapes and appear in darker, more shaded areas, causing it to look like the carpet is damp. This is a normal occurrence for this variety of carpet and is not deemed a manufacturing defect.

Characteristics of Plush Carpet

  • Eco-Friendly: Plush carpet in modern years is made from recycled materials. Moreover, significantly less energy is being done to create such carpet fibers.
  • Texture and looks: Plush carpet is velvety smooth and soft, often associated with cutting lawn due to its short fiber and general appearance. Walking barefooted gives great comfort. Their elegant looks virtually fit any room. Plush carpet colors are rich, tight, and very well emphasized.
  • Availability: It can be made from synthetics like nylon to all-natural materials like wools. Therefore, this carpet can be available anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to Maintain: Aside from the fact that the Plush carpet is highly comfortable, it is also effortless to maintain. Usually, certain chemicals add to the fibers to repel liquids and dirt, and dust.

Different Plush Carpeting Materials

Carpet can be made from a variety of synthetic and natural materials. Here are some of the most common materials used in making plush carpets:

  • Polyester is somewhat mentioned as the designer option because it can hold vibrant colors well & without fading. It is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled elements. It is also hypoallergenic, which is the best option for children & people with specific needs. The downside is that it swiftly flattens & is not the best choice for heavy traffic zones.
  • Polypropylene is made up of fibers that remain strong & durable. This makes polypropylene the right option for homes amidst children and indoor pets or with active rooms.
  • Nylon Carpet is the most popular choice amongst homeowners because of its affordability & long-lasting resilience. Nylon is the most favorite choice amongst residential carpet flooring solutions for its affordability and endurance. It is also stain-resistant & straightforward to maintain.
  • Wool is deemed the most luxurious carpeting material. Wool is long-lasting and all-natural. Wool is the textile fibre obtained from sheep & other animals, including cashmere & mohair from goats, qiviut from muskoxen, angora from rabbits, & different wool types from camelids. This type of carpet flooring is costly but is not stain repellent. Some carpet manufacturers are now blending wool with synthetic fibers to form flooring as soft & luxurious yet very affordable & stain-resistant.

Cleaning Plush Pile Carpet

You can also take a few steps to clean & maintain your plush carpet to get it to last for several years.

  • Clean Regularly: Regular vacuuming is vital to sustaining the look and feel of plush carpeting. Vacuum at least twice a week & more often if you have it in a high traffic zone. Dirt & grime left behind will wear down the fabric & even discolour it.
  • Take Care of Spills Immediately:
    • If you have a wet spill, use paper towels to blot the moisture immediately.
    • Avoid blotting outwards & spreading the stain. If needed, use a recommended cleaner to get rid of any stains.
    • Clean thoroughly & remove all the remnants of the cleaner with cold water–never rub the carpet.
  • Avoid Keeping Heavy Objects & Furniture standing for lengthy periods: It’s a good idea to move heavy objects & furniture around. If left stationary for extended periods, the burden will crush the piles, making it look flat and unappealing. By moving the heavy items from time to time, the thick plush carpet will have a more even look overall.
  • Use Doormats: Avoid wearing outside shoes on the plush carpet. The dirt & grime on the underside is easily rubbed into the carpet fiber, making it more difficult to wash. Using doormats near every entrance point of the house will collect most of the mold & dirt, so you can avoid tracking a lot of it on your plush carpet.
  • Shield from Sunlight: Constant exposure to sunlight causes the carpet to fade over time. To avoid this, use your glass treatments to protect your carpet from even the brightest days!
  • Use Recommended Cleaning Products:
    • Avoid using regular soap & cleanser on your plush carpet.
    • Ask one of our design experts what the best cleaner would be.
    • Test the cleaner on a small unnoticeable spot.

Plush carpet is an outstanding choice for any home. But with any material you consider for your renovation or flooring project, you have to ask yourself if it’s the appropriate choice for your home or business. So with these crucial factors, you can weigh the pros & cons & successfully make a choice.

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