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Comparison of Commercial Flooring Options

Comparison of Commercial Flooring Options

It can be hard to find the right balance between cost, functionality, and style when choosing flooring for commercial spaces. There are some things you should consider before you rush to choose the most durable or cost-effective option for your commercial space on the Sunshine Coast.

Comparison of Commercial Flooring in Melbourne

What do you need?

Before we discuss the pros and cons of each type, it is important to know exactly what you need from your flooring. Consider what purpose you intend to use your flooring for. Is it going to be exposed to heavy traffic? Is it necessary to have a quiet area? It will be exposed to spills and messes frequently.

Next, think about the style you want. Businesses want their space to reflect their brand. It could be a simple surface area where the flooring matches the overall look and feel of your business. You might also want your flooring to reflect your company’s values. You might choose an eco-friendly option if your company values sustainability.

After you’ve determined these factors, it is time to select your flooring.


You can choose from modular or broadloom carpet tiles. There are many benefits to carpet. The upsides to broadloom carpeting are that it adds luxury to your space, improves acoustics and effectively insulates from sound and echo. Modular carpet tiles can be easily maintained and replaced if damaged.

Contrary to modular carpet tiles, broadloom carpeting can be damaged or stained and will need to replace. If you have a unique space, it can be wasteful to put in. Modular tiles can have visible seams which can hinder the overall style. They can also be costly.


Vinyl is durable. Vinyl is durable because of the variety of design options available. They can be matched to any style you desire, mimicking other flooring types at a lower price and providing new and innovative looks.

Sheet vinyl can be damaged, so you will need to replace the whole sheet. Although it can be more expensive than other flooring options at first, its durability will pay off over time.


You can match any style with the wide range of laminates available. Because of its durability, it is cost-effective and simple to maintain.

Laminates have a drawback: they are not quite enough to be comfortable in most workplaces. Laminates are also susceptible to moisture buildup, so any flooding will likely seep through the cracks onto their subfloor.


Hardwood floors are the best option for luxury looks. They look stunning and are water-resistant making them a great choice for commercial flooring along the sunny coast, where flooding is possible.

They can be easily damaged and are expensive. These floors are not easy to replace or install.

Why choose CarpetAce for your commercial flooring options in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a bustling commercial and residential city in the heart of Victoria. With literally thousands of different property types and industrial and commercial districts scattered throughout the suburban landscape.

With so many different scenarios and requirements such as commercial kitchens, schools, restaurants, hospitals and much more, we have any type of flooring available to suit your particular requirements for the project. Our suppliers are of the best quality in Melbourne and our prices are the most competitive on the market today.

CarpetAce offers a wide range of commercial flooring options at affordable prices. For a free quote or to view samples, contact us today.

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