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The Best Timber Flooring – Blackbutt

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What is Blackbutt flooring?

Blackbutt is an Australian Eucalyptus hardwood that has a botanical title of Eucalyptus pilularis. Endemic to south-eastern Australia, Blackbutt timber has a comparatively straight grain pattern and warm, pale brown hues.

Blackbutt solid timber flooring is a strong, high performing and visually beautiful floor application. As timber floors can be sanded and varnished repeatedly when they exhibit wear and tear signs, they can last a lifetime. Incorporated using a secret nail method where the nails are driven into the tongue and hidden by the following board, authentic Blackbutt hardwood flooring is a luxurious floor and a seamless final finish.

Blackbutt is also the woodgrain of preference for many floating timber, hybrid, vinyl and laminate flooring. In an engineered floating timber floor, bands of Blackbutt hardwood form sheets. In hybrid, vinyl or laminate floors, lifelike digital imagery gives the illusion of naturally radiant Blackbutt.

What are the benefits of Blackbutt Timber flooring?

Because Blackbutt is classified as a hardwood with an outstanding rating on the Janka hardwood scale. It makes an extremely resilient and long-lasting flooring option. It’s pale to mid-range colours make it an easy floor to complement various interior styles and colours. Simultaneously, the sleek, flowing grain is natural on the eye in large, open-plan homes.

The raw, solid beauty of native Blackbutt makes it a favourite choice within timber, laminate, hybrid and vinyl flooring materials.

timber flooring melbourne blackbutt (3)Is Blackbutt flooring suitable for my home?

Blackbutt highlights in our timber flooring range within the Stockmans Ridge, Readyflor and Latitude 25 collections. Assume the visual appeal of Blackbutt is your choice. In that case, it is then a matter of determining which flooring product is the most proper for your home situation, lifestyle & budget. Luckily you will also find the endless beauty of Blackbutt present in many of our hybrid, vinyl and laminate products.

Our amazingly pragmatic and luxurious laminate floors offer superb hardwearing features while still being affordable for family homes & business alike. Check out the Definitive Hybrid Flooring & Definitive Native Flooring
flooring stores for Melbourne to see the breathtaking attraction of Blackbutt timber within strong, resilient laminate floating floors.

Can I use Blackbutt flooring in the kitchen?

Hybrid & vinyl flooring are waterproof and are excellent choices for the whole home or business, including wet spaces and kitchens in particular. Blending the best advantages of laminate and vinyl, hybrid flooring is a popular choice with the ability to bring the stylish solid looks of a variety of timbers to your floors, including Blackbutt.

Today’s innovative and modern vinyl plank and vinyl sheet floors give an affordable means of fashionable flooring fusing woodgrain floors’ noticeable features with hygienic, easy-to-clean, long-lasting vinyl. To install the beauty of Blackbutt hardwood flooring inside your home without breaking the budget, choose from our collection of vinyl and hybrid planks to complement your home design and style.

timber flooring melbourne blackbutt (3)What maintenance does Blackbutt need?

The necessary maintenance is reliant on the type of flooring you prefer. But whether you choose Blackbutt in timber, hybrid, vinyl or laminate, you can be assured your naturally beautiful Blackbutt floating floors will be easy to maintain, durable and resilient while being more forgiving than ceramic tiles and more hygienic than carpet.

A vacuum using hard floor accessories will sort out house dust and debris among most floating floor covers. The occasional damp mop is an efficient way to eliminate stubborn marks. Microfibre mops and soft, indoor sweepers can be utilised in place of a vacuum. Consideration should be taken when using washing products on your floating floors.

The helpful team at your local Carpet Court store can give more professional advice on the maintenance and care of your chosen flooring, which should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

People Also Ask

Is Blackbutt good for flooring?

With timber flooring, Blackbutt is famous because of its high toughness and durability. Blackbutt wears the highest Class 1 durability class, which indicates that it can resist rotting and insects for over 50 years above ground (whether outdoors or indoors), and over 25 years if placed into the ground.

timber flooring melbourne blackbutt (3)What Colour is Blackbutt timber?

Blackbutt has a variety of colours from golden yellow to pale brown, sometimes with a slight pink tinge. The sapwood is paler in colour, and can seldom have small gum veins evident. Blackbutt is a very dense hardwood at around 900kg per cubic metre.

Is Blackbutt a hardwood or softwood?

Blackbutt is a big Australian hardwood that is regularly used for flooring, architectural and exterior uses. It is also used to create plywood. The traditional name blackbutt came about due to the tree’s look after a bushfire. The buttress – or butt – was significantly blackened.

Is Blackbutt termite resistant?

Versatility and durability make Blackbutt timber flooring the right choice for homes and businesses. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home or business, its ensure longevity and resistance to Australia’s harsh climate. Blackbutt has a hard rating of 9.1 and is naturally resistant to termites due to its high mass.

Is Blackbutt timber sustainable?

Coastal Blackbutt is 1 of over 50 native industrial & commercial eucalypts environmentally & sustainably managed on State forests. Coastal blackbutt timber has a vast range of uses including flooring, decking, veneer, poles and joinery. It is also a common timber used in structural building applications.

Does Blackbutt turn Grey?

When permitted to weather naturally, Blackbutt decking or timber facades turn a striking silvery grey, a fashionable trend in outdoor & indoor timber applications.

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