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Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2021

Interior Design Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2021

Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2021

The biggest furnishing trends for 2021 cover everything: bathroom trends, kitchen trends, colour trends, wallpaper trends and the garden trends of the year. We reviewed and analyzed the interior trends of last year and compared them to current trends on Google, Pinterest, dealer sites and more. We spoke to trends experts and high-profile designers and shared their predictions and insights.

These different looks are becoming more and more popular, and although they may vary in taste and style, they are perfect for your home and others. Here are major trends for interior design for 2021, which we predict will continue to influence everything, whether you choose to take them in or leave them as they are.

Housing trends change every year, inspired by various influences, including fashion, design culture of the past decades and social media. These motives are a response to societal changes and changes that we became more aware of at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020.

What began as a style statement against minimalism has developed into one of the latest trends in interior design. Maximalist interiors will be spread throughout the 2021 interior trend, with clashing prints, bright colours and seductive items adorning every room in the house. Decorate with concrete, make sure your room is not too grey and adjust it with accents in bright and warm colours such as red and yellow to ensure that your room is in line with these trends.

Other housing trends expected to take hold in 2021 include anti-bacterial building materials and adaptable living forms. Modern design from the mid-century replaces eclectic, current trends in interior design such as traditional and nouveau design and inspires older interiors that tend to be neoclassical.

Australians have loved the idea of seamless indoor and outdoor living for years. This trend will continue in 2021, with a renewed focus on treating the outside world as an extension of homeownership.

Fireplaces, pergolas, pools, cabanas and outdoor dining rooms will top many hardware store checklists this year. Research by US-based online interior design service Modsy shows that working from home has always significantly impacted our decoration and design plans. Some special offices are wonderful luxury spaces, while others can be transformed into corridors, stairwells or practical office corners.

With this in mind, we couldn’t help but look at a selection of top design experts to discover the top home trends for 2021. If you want to update a portion of your home or apartment, Etsy recently released a report on some of the top home trends of 2021 that are already popping up in online searches.

In a report on some of the top home decor trends of 2021, which have recently peaked in online searches, Etsy identified six decorative styles that are gaining popularity and becoming increasingly mainstream. These are marble-like travertine accessories, Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, pieces and accents that create a sanctuary, and checkerboard patterns and mushroom motifs. All of these are 2021 items you can now shop for to upgrade your space.

After unveiling some of the top design trends of 2020, I wanted to stress once again that there are no rules for decorating your home other than doing what makes you happy and in line with your personal style. However, I thought that it would help to get a general idea of current decoration trends to broaden your awareness and open your mind to new styles and looks.

By looking at your space from a new perspective, you can play with what you already own and create a new look for your home. Look for emerging trends that suit your taste and budget, and start from there. Update your space with these projects, and you will soon find yourself back at home.

If 2020 has taught us anything in terms of design, our rooms urgently need a fresh coat of paint. After all, most of us spend a lot more time at home than we think, and we have grown to view our homes with a critical eye. Our perfect tones can feel a bit boring after looking at the same room day in, day out.

New design trends take hold every year, and by 2021, we will see many home trends that depend on people getting stuck in COVID-19 and its variants. We look forward to looking in the rearview mirror in 2020 and looking forward to all the opportunities that 2021 offers, including brand new home decor. To give you a good start into the new year, we asked several design experts what colour combination they think will be the biggest in the new year.

Earthy tones are set to make it big in 2021, and brown is one of the shades they will all dominate, Kiel and Wullner say. There is no specific Pantone colour for 2021, but “ultimate grey” and “illuminated” are great options for home decor.

According to Rebecca Breslin, senior designer at Wayfair Professional, statement pieces are made of Art Deco shapes and patterns. They bring drama to living rooms, apartments and offices and give them an instant makeover in one fell swoop.

Nostalgia is a trend that will take on a different meaning in 2021 and take on the form of granny chic. The decor you saw in your grandparents “house, or the floral wallpaper from your childhood come back in style.

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