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Best Flooring Ideas For Every Part Of The House

best flooring for homes

Whether your flooring is harmonious in each and all rooms or you have different styles, there are tips for choosing and sustaining your flooring for all of these areas. As every room has a distinct role to play, so too does the flooring inside it.

Entryway Flooring

This space literally takes a hit when it comes to flooring! It’s the barrier from the outdoors to inside and it’s also the area where first impressions are built. In other words, it demands a look that is great while at the same time, being resilient. The most significant thing here, despite the flooring style, is to reduce the transfer of outside grit and dust in. Either implement a ‘no shoe’ inside rule or have a quality rug or mat to get rid of shoe-travelling dirt. A pleasant round entry rug in this area is a welcoming addition too if you want to build impact and protect the flooring underneath.

Hallway Flooring

Like the entrance, the hallway endures high traffic more than most sections of the home. Hard flooring can be shielded with a runner-style rug (with an anti-slip mat beneath as it’s such a regularly walked on space) or benefit from the shoes-off policy if timber flooring. If your home is a busy one, think about what material this flooring might be. Some hardwood floorings are particularly resilient, such as hybrid, vinyl and laminate.

Bedroom Flooring

Carpet is a favourite choice for these relaxing spaces. It’s cosy and warm and makes for a pleasant, relaxing vibe and textural palette. Hard flooring is an incredible look too though, whether modern or classic, a rug placed beneath the bed can cosy up the bedroom while preserving a seamless look of running the equivalent flooring throughout living and bedroom areas.

Acknowledge what is important to you and how you want the space to appear. If sustaining the flow of the same flooring completely through the whole home is integral, go with this. If it’s comfort you’re following, there’s a wealth of carpets to pick from. It doesn’t take the same workload as other areas of the house. Carpets such as wool, or those in lighter colours will serve here as there will be fewer spills and mishaps as well as wear and tear (perhaps not in children’s rooms though, where a synthetic fibre would be a great choice!).

Living Rooms & Spaces Flooring

In contemporary Australian houses, these spaces are increasingly open plan and the centre of the home. It’s where everything occurs. One space can be for eating, relaxing, entertaining, overseeing study and even work-from-home conditions. If you’re contemplating new flooring for these areas, certainly take time to work out what operates in this space and what you require your flooring to do for you!

If they blend into kitchens, there are lots of great options that are waterproof or resistant to spills (such as hybrid and some laminates and vinyl). Rugs can help bring warmth, help children to play on the floor and build ‘zones’ in open living areas. If you would favour carpet, pick one which is particularly strong in terms of fibre (synthetic fibres are best).

Formal spaces or less-used living areas are not as limited, freeing up the options even further for you. The most significant way to keep your flooring looking fabulous for an extended period no matter what you prefer is care and regular cleaning. Timely cleaning of spills and frequent vacuuming will do the trick.

Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen Flooring

New technology is a remarkable thing. In the fields of hard flooring, certain products have been created to be waterproof, meaning you can have the seamless and modern vibe of timber-look product in each room of the home, including bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Vinyl, laminated and hybrid planks tick the boxes here and your local carpet store – CarpetAce – would like to help you select waterproof flooring for your home if that’s a plan element you’re pulled towards. Some rugs can perform a role here too.

Runner style rugs can add comfort and attention (as well as warmth underfoot!) at the kitchen washbasin and in the laundry where you might stand for extended periods for instance.

Study Flooring

As more numerous people work from home, study spaces are receiving the notice they deserve. The flooring in this space usually flows on from the rest of the home and in terms of care should be regarded equally. It’s essential to make this space welcoming and pleasant to support work and make it delightful to be in.

Keep in mind the troublesome desk chair – if it’s on castors it will likely produce damage to whatever flooring you have beneath. A particular plastic protector mat, or a beautiful rug, will help preserve the flooring underneath.

Stair Flooring

Stairs, like the hall, are real work-horses of the house. They also need some care as they can be transitional areas. For instance, a home may have all hard flooring on the first floor, then carpeted on the second floor. So honestly, the stairs could be both hard flooring or carpet in terms of mixing in. Whatever your choice, it needs to be strong and resilient. The best flooring for stairs should be resilient and also comfortable.

If you want hard flooring; timber, laminated and hybrid flooring is a great option. If you would like carpet on the stairs, all carpets possess a stair rating for your recommendation. Contact us to discuss the best options for all areas of your home or business. We supply and fit all types of carpets and flooring for residential and commercial environments.

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