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2021 Carpet Trends: 25 Eye-Catching Ideas for Carpet Ideas

2021 Carpet Trends 25 Eye-Catching Ideas for Carpet Ideas
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2021 Carpet Trends: 25 Eye-Catching Ideas for Carpet Ideas

Is carpet still fashionable with all the hard surface flooring? Carpet is still a popular choice despite all the innovations and upgrades to hard surface flooring.

Carpet manufacturers use technology to create stunning patterns and innovative features that make a carpet look as good as any other flooring option.

It is time to keep up with the trends and look forward to a new year full of possibilities and the most recent in carpet innovation. Let’s take a look at the 2021 carpet trends. They are full of amazing ideas, looks and textures.

2021 The Most Popular Carpet Types

You may not be aware of the many types of carpet available to you if you don’t have a lot of knowledge. You can get trendy, comfortable flooring in no time.

Carpet tiles

Carpet is known for being heavy, cumbersome and almost impossible to replace. Broadloom carpet is notorious for being heavy and difficult to replace if one area is damaged or stained. This is the worst.


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Carpet tile’s main benefit is its modularity and ease of replacement, which makes it great for pets and families. Did one spot get damaged? It’s no problem! You can simply remove one tile and install a new one. You no longer need to replace your entire floor.

Carpet tiles are the most popular carpet option for basements. Many carpet tiles come with waterproof options, which is great for basements that are temperamental and water-prone.

You can also use carpet tiles to make a beautiful area rug or install it yourself with the help of peel and stick options. There are so many options for colours and patterns! Carpet tiles are the best choice for those who love variety.

What will the future hold for carpet tiles?

Yes, especially for families. Carpet tiles will continue to be a popular commercial trend and become more common in homes, in my opinion.

Carpet Planks

You thought planks were only for hard surfaces? You might be wrong! The newest innovation in carpet is carpet planks. They are expected to have a huge impact on the industry in 2021.

Carpet planks look very similar to carpet tiles. Only the shape is different. These are still easy to install and have great stain- and water-resistant properties. You can now create unusual patterns like herringbone. Modern looks don’t mean you have to sacrifice cosiness!

Is the carpet plank trend going to last in 2021?

Carpet planks will be around for a long time! This type of carpet is durable and easy to install.

Rugs for the Area

If you aren’t convinced, area rugs or carpet runners might be the right choice for you.

Wall-to-wall carpet can make bold colours and patterns look unattractive. These bold pieces work best when used in small quantities. This is the beauty of area rugs and carpet runners. It is possible to strategically use the 2021 carpet trends of bright and bold colours and patterned carpets in one piece rather than an entire floor.

You will also see homeowners using area rugs to add a bohemian feel to their homes.

There are many options for area rugs, and not all are the same. Let’s discuss your fashionable options.

Carpet Tile/Plank Rugs

This is a great idea! Two of the biggest problems with area rugs is their limited designs and difficulty in determining the right size for your space.

With a carpet plank rug, you can make your ideal area rug. You can also create a customized size rug to fit your space. They are often less expensive than a traditional area rug.

Carpet tile rugs are very timely, given the popularity of DIY home projects. These rugs will be most popular among younger homeowners who want to play a larger role in designing their own decor and style.

Handmade Area Rugs

Handmade rugs will continue to be the most popular area rug trend for 2021, taking originality and control to the next level. They are sure to be a big hit. It’s possible!

Homeowners want to know the origin of their floors and can trust them. A handmade piece is more personal. It’s just like buying a handmade piece from a small business that is made especially for you. The note will tell you how much they appreciate you. But, it’s on a higher level. It’s a commitment because they made the rug by hand.

Although handmade area rugs can be expensive, they are unique, artistic, and personal. They are perfect for those who have a passion for design and individualism. We will all be wishing we had them in our homes.

Vintage Area Rugs

We love antiques that have a story, but that is not what we are talking about when we talk about vintage area rugs. You’ll find area rugs in 2021 that look like they have been around for a long time. It’s actually a rug made to look worn.

Although it sounds strange, the eclectic vintage look adds style to your space. These rugs have the “vintage effect”, which means that they are treated with a lack of bold colours and patterns to make them look older. This is done by special dyeing, and then the pile is industrially removed.

You can make an area rug look amazing if you want to add personality.

What will the future hold for the area rug trend?

Yes, area rugs can be used on hard floors and carpeted floors to add cosiness and style.

However, handcrafted area rugs can be quite expensive. These are not affordable for everyone. Manufacturers will likely attempt to reproduce these handmade looks at a lower price to appeal to the masses.

2021 Latest Carpet Features

Carpet manufacturers are using technology to create a comfortable, easy-to-use carpet that is both functional and cosy. What are the most popular features for 2021? It’s all here!

Waterproof Carpet

Yes, waterproof carpet. These are terms that I didn’t expect to see together, and I don’t know if you do too. Over the past decade, waterproof outdoor carpet has seen a lot of progress. However, indoor waterproofing is still a relatively new concept.

Until now!


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These carpet manufacturers are making an impact thanks to their innovative technology, which makes them waterproof. This means that carpets can be used in every room of the house.

These waterproof carpets don’t absorb water, stains or mould. You can clean up liquids quickly and without them staying on the carpet for long periods of time. Even better, It’s not only broadloom carpets that can be waterproofed. There are also waterproof carpet tiles, planks and area rugs.

While waterproof carpets are only available from a handful of manufacturers, I believe that more manufacturers will soon offer them. In the ten years to come, waterproof carpets will be all over the world.

Will waterproof carpet continue to be popular in 2021?

Yes. This trend is certain to continue because waterproof carpets are far more practical than traditional carpets. It will only be a gradual rise.

This technology is still relatively new, so the floor’s price tag is quite high. As technology improves and more manufacturers join the fray, prices will become more competitive, and waterproof carpet will flourish.

Carpet that resists staining

Are you worried about your carpet getting stained over time? Be assured that your carpet will not get stained. Carpet is now stain-resistant. You can be sure that your carpet will handle any spillage or pet accidents.

Fibres are protected from stains with a coating that makes it easy to clean up spills. Your carpets will be stain-free by 2021!

Is the stain-resistant carpet trend going to last beyond 2021?

This trend is sure to last. A stain-resistant carpet is a great way to save time and effort for your family, pets, and all other people. In the future, I expect more carpet manufacturers to create the stain-resistant or stainproof carpet.

Carpets that are eco-friendly

Most homeowners and businesses care about their brands and how they impact the environment and society.

Carpet manufacturers have been creating durable and eco-friendly products for years. 2021 offers a range of sustainable carpets that are made from recycled water bottles and recycled synthetic fibres.

Let’s discuss the different options for sustainable carpets.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpets can be sustainably sourced from the woven fibres of the sisal agave plant. This carpet is eco-friendly and has a rope-like texture. It adds a warm, cosy feel to any space.

Both sisal- and sisal-mixed carpets are extremely durable. They are able to withstand heavy traffic without much problem. You can add a sealing or fire retardant coating to increase stain resistance.

Is the eco-friendly carpet trend going to last beyond 2021?

This is the one thing that’s certain in the world of fashion trends. For the next few decades, I predict that consumers will demand more sustainable and renewable materials as well as environmentally-friendly flooring options.

It is possible to increase your home’s resale and market time by simply installing eco-friendly flooring.

2021 The Most Popular Carpet Themes

Just finished talking about 2021 carpet colour and pattern trends. We can’t talk about anything else.

Everything is tied together by the theme. You probably have a theme or vibe in mind for your living room. You can choose from modern, bohemian coastal, retro or traditional aesthetics. Carpet themes are a great way to achieve this.

The theme for 2021 is simple. Let your creativity flow. These carpet themes will allow you to express yourself.

Maximalist Carpet

You’ve heard of minimalism. In 2021, consumers want the exact opposite. Maximalism encourages people to live loudly in bold colours and patterns.

This carpet type is designed to show off your unique style through your flooring. It’s elegant, beautiful, and it’s the new fad for 2021. No more boring walls and carpets. Picture pops of colour, bold wallpaper patterns and bold carpet patterns are now the new trends.

Will the maximalist trend in carpet last into 2021?

This trend is unlikely to last more than a few years. It is great to live a lavish lifestyle in your home. However, trends change all the time, so you may not love the same patterns or colours that you like now.

Modern Carpet

Do not be afraid to go bold and bright if that is not your style. Modern style is now!


Interior Design Ideas For Your Modern Home

Modern carpet is simple and elegant. It’s usually one colour in an earth tone. This creates a warm, inviting backdrop for your space. You can make a modern space with decor and furniture using natural materials like sisal or jute.

Modern carpets are all the rage for a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Is the modern carpet trend likely to continue in 2021?

This trend is subtle and understated, so it will likely last decades. Simple and clean always wins.

2021 Carpet Color Trends

The carpet colour trends are different from any other surface. Hard surfaces have limited colour options because they are all about natural wood appearances. The trend in carpet colours is the opposite. Expect bright and bold colours, cool and subdued shades, and all things grey.

Bold Carpet Colors

Trendy colours are becoming more popular with carpet owners. You can make a statement with carpet since it isn’t a common whole-house floor covering. This is especially true for area rugs.

Multi-coloured carpets and rugs in jewel tones, oranges and purples are all the rage. Maximalism is hot, so make sure your carpet makes a statement!

Although flooring was originally meant to provide a backdrop for your other spaces, many homeowners, especially younger ones, are now exploring the possibility of including carpet in their designs rather than designing around it.

Is the bold carpet trend going to last in 2021?

Both yes and no. This carpet design trend is great for area rugs and other small spaces. However, this modern trend in wall-to-wall carpeting requires that you be careful with bold and bright colours. It can become too overwhelming.

Blue Carpets

Blue is a soothing and tranquil colour. Cool blue carpets add a pop of colour to a space without being overwhelming. This is a trend I support.

Bright, bold colours can make a strong statement, but they can be difficult to work with if you are not a designer. Even if you are.

Blue is a great transition from neutral carpets. It has enough subtlety and appeals to multiple audiences. It is neutral enough not to limit you to one style, and it works well with the grey-trending decor.

Is the blue-carpet trend going to last in 2021?

Yes, especially blues with a hint of grey. From a design perspective, a subdued colour is more manageable.

Gray Carpets

Gray is a popular choice for carpet, even though most people associate grey with grey wood or wood-look flooring. Gray is the new neutral. It adds a beautiful, modern look to any room.

Gray is quickly becoming a popular choice for flooring and for homes. Gray cabinets, grey doors, and so on. Every shade of grey in the home is trendy and hot. Your floors and decor.

Even better? Even better? Even the once-out-of-date, dark grey carpeting is back in fashion.

Grey carpet is trendy and chic while also setting the tone for a modern space. You can decorate with any colour you like, as it provides a neutral background. You can use Aquas, greens or bright colours, as well as black and white, with the sleek grey carpeting.

What will the grey carpet trend look like in 2021?

Yes! Gray will continue to be trendy and hot for many decades.

Multi-Color Carpets

This is one of the most exciting developments in carpeting! You don’t need to pick one colour for your carpet. You can have them all!

Bright, bold colours are the hallmark of area rug trends and carpet runner trends. Multi-coloured area rugs can make your floors stand out, whether you are looking for a rug for your children’s room or for your entire home.

Are multi-coloured carpet trends likely to continue in 2021?

You can’t go wrong with this statement piece. However, if you are considering a multi-coloured wall-to-wall rug, don’t be surprised.

2021 Carpet Layout and Trends in Patterns

You will see a mix of traditional, solid carpets and contemporary patterns in bold, striking designs by 2021. Fun patterns are growing in popularity, especially among young homeowners.

Geometric carpet patterns

Broadloom carpets have become boring. Modern patterned carpets are one of the hottest trends in the carpet industry.

Moroccan trellis designs are inspired by maximalism and will be one of the hottest trends for this year. They are reminiscent of the popular arabesque tiles. I expect plenty of hexagonal pattern carpets, as well as some creative wall-to-wall patterned carpeting.

Will the trend of geometric carpets continue in 2021?

It’s not impossible for subtle and elegant patterns to stay in style. However, big, bold patterns will probably go out of fashion in the next 5-10years.

They will be revived at least 30 more times.

Patterns of Animal Prints

Nothing says “ROAR!” better than a cheetah or zebra print when you want to make a statement in a bland space. These patterns are not just for kids’ rooms. You can spice up your office with a sophisticated, elegant print or make a conversation piece in the living area.

There are many options. You have the option to go large with a wide-ranging carpet, or you can moderate your wild side with a small area rug. You won’t regret your choice. Follow your instincts.

You can even distract from dirt and stains with all the bold patterns. Are you still not able to vacuum your home in a few days time? It’s okay. No problem. Your animal print is there for you.

Is the trend of animal print carpets going to last beyond 2021?

Most likely not. At least, not for very long. This is a bold and big decision. Some people may love animal prints for their entire lives. But most won’t. I suggest you go with something less risky if you are planning to sell your house in the near future.

Floral Patterns

Flowers? Carpet? Groundbreaking.

It is, seriously! Bold floral patterns are back, and they’re better than ever! But this time, it has a neutral twist. You can still find brightly coloured floral carpets, but the newest trend is a grey carpet with intricate floral designs.

This muted colour gives it a vintage feel. The neutral background allows you to mix and match bright colours and fun patterns in new combinations.

Will floral-print carpet trends continue into 2021?

Floral carpets won’t disappear completely. They may be trendier than others, but they will always be timeless. A carpet + a detailed floral pattern = interior design heaven.

Carpet Tile Layouts

Like broadloom carpet shapes, homeowners are creating shapes and designs with carpet tiles by arranging their tiles. This design trend is particularly popular in commercial settings, but it is also becoming a part of home carpet design trends.


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You’ll see many people mixing and matching patterns and colours in 2021 to create unique and one-of-a-kind looks.

What will the future hold for carpet tile patterns?

This look is sure to be popular in homes and businesses for many years. They are too convenient not to use!

Carpet Plank Layouts

You can be very extra in 2021! Carpet planks allow you to have the popular herringbone tile pattern in the carpet. Carpet plank patterns can be used as an area rug or wall-to-wall in your home to add personality and cosiness.

Is the carpet plank trend going to last in 2021?

The carpet plank pattern is expected to last for many decades in commercial spaces. This trend will also last in residential properties for between 5-10 years.

2021 The Most Popular Carpet Textures

The carpet’s texture is what can make it stand out from other ones. Different carpets can have different designs depending on how the manufacturers treat their fibres. This makes carpets unique and attractive but also feels great underfoot.

Carpets with plush materials

Carpet is softness, which is what makes it special. Hard floors simply cannot match that feeling.

Carpet was seen as high-maintenance due to the accumulation of dust and allergens. They also required constant vacuuming. Plush carpet began to lose its appeal after a while. Plush carpets have come back with more life-friendly features like stain resistance and waterproof fibres.

This is why we are seeing an increase in carpet purchasing trends that favour thicker, more luxurious carpeting.

Will the plush carpet trend continue into 2021?

Yes. Many plush carpet styles will be found in new homes in cooler climates.

This trend may be less popular over the years, but it will not disappear unless someone else comes up with an equally comfortable alternative.

Cut and Loop Carpet

Cut and loop carpet is exactly what it sounds like. It combines cut carpet fibres with looped carpet fibres.

Combining loops and cuts can make unique patterns and textures. This is a common feature in rugs. You can feel the contrast textures by running your hand across the rug. This is commonly cut and loop carpeting.

All floor types are embracing patterns right now, and cut-and-loop patterned carpets are a popular choice.

Is the cut-and-loop carpet trend going to last in 2021?

We believe cut-and-loop carpet will last at least ten years due to its unique texture and different patterns from the regular carpet.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze, also known as “twist carpet”, refers to carpet fibres that have been twisted multiple times and make them appear almost curly.


carpet bedroom godfrey hirst

These frieze carpets, which are inspired by shag carpet texture, are adorable and extremely popular. It takes a little bit of time and some technology to make a trend. Carpet manufacturers now have a new take on an old trend.

Is the frieze carpet trend going to last in 2021?

Frieze carpets are a much more elegant option than shag carpets. They also look better than the old-school shag version. The frieze carpet is expected to be a hot trend in the next 10 years.

Ribbed Carpet

Ribbed carpet sounds exactly like it does: there are little ribs throughout the carpet.

Ribbed carpet has become very popular in office settings over the past few years. This modern, sleek and contemporary carpet style offers a more professional look than traditional carpets. Although I consider ribbed carpet tiles a more commercial trend than carpet tile, you will find it in many homes, closets and other areas throughout the house in 2021.

Is the ribbed trend in carpets going to last beyond 2021?

This carpet texture trend will not last forever. We expect ribbed carpet to return to business in the next few years.

2021 Carpet Trends By Room

Let’s look at the carpet trends for each room to ensure you are styling your home in the right way.

Bedroom Carpet Trends

Wall-to-wall carpeting is most common in bedrooms. It’s supposed to be your cosy, comfortable oasis. Your bedroom is your private space.

Many of the above-mentioned trends are among the latest bedroom carpet trends. There will be a lot of plush carpets and a lot more environmentally-friendly carpeting.

Grays and cool blues are popular bedroom carpet colours. There will be fewer bright and bold colours and more soothing and cool colours. You might consider an area rug to reflect your personal style.

What will the bedroom carpet trend look like in 2021?

Carpet in the bedroom is a very popular application. This trend will last for many years.

Living Room Carpet Trends

A carpeted living space is a great choice for family movie nights or a place to snuggle up in.

You have two options here: either you go with the classic, grey living room carpet, or you can opt for bolder patterns and vibrant colours. Many young homeowners choose to have some fun with this room, as it is the most important.

Living rooms will be awash in layered area rugs by 2021.

What will the trend of living room carpets look like in 2021?

Area rugs in the living rooms will last many decades. Hard surfaces are preferred because we live in living rooms, so they can be used as a living space. Unless you have an apartment, an area rug in your living room is the best option.

Basement Carpet Trends

Carpet was banned from basements for a long time. We all know basements can be prone to flooding and water damage. Carpet is …. not great in such environments.

The advent of carpet tiles has changed all that. There are many options for waterproof tiles. They are also easy to replace. You can easily remove a damaged carpet tile and install a new one. This is the perfect choice for a basement with high maintenance requirements.

You will now see an increase in luxurious, plush carpets in basements all across the country, thanks to the addition of waterproof broadloom flooring.

Is the basement carpet trend going to last in 2021?

Carpet’s amazing technological advancements make it possible to transform your basement into a comfortable living space. Carpet in basements is a long-lasting trend, in my opinion.

Staircase Carpet Trends

We are done with the days of worn, beige carpeted stairs. Designer carpet runners are gaining popularity, even though most people believe that hard surfaces are fashionable for stairs.


carpet for stairs melbourne
See our project on Facebook for this carpeting stairs

Intricately designed carpets are the latest trend for stairs, as well as carpet runners. Your stairs are the best place to showcase all of the details.

You can keep your stairs warm and stylish by adding a luxury carpet runner. Win, win.

Is the staircase carpet trend going to last in 2021?

For sure, carpet runners will be around for the long haul. They are functional and simple to replace.


There is a lot happening in the carpet industry at the moment, as you can see. You have many options.

We recommend choosing soft, plush and durable fabrics if you want something that will last. It’s even better if it is waterproof.

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