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5 Interior Design Trends For The Office 2022

5 Interior Design Trends For The Office 2022

5 Interior Design Trends For The Office In 2022

Office design is more than simply choosing the right colours and furniture; it’s about creating a space that boosts productivity, collaboration, and well-being. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the latest trends in workplace design and be able to implement them at your company.

Workplace design is a complex mixture of aesthetics, ergonomics, technology, and user experience. The best way to stay on top of the trends is by keeping tabs on what other professionals are doing in their spaces. We have compiled here some of the most impactful interior design trends for offices in 2022 so that you can plan early!

Use of natural light

Natural light can have a huge impact on your productivity, as well as your general mood. Studies have shown that not being able to see the sun can cause low serotonin levels and lead to depression. There are a variety of ways to bring more light into your office, including the installation of skylights or the use of natural-light curtains.

You can also use task lighting and mood lighting to create the ideal environment for your employees. You’ll notice how much of a difference natural light can make to your team’s productivity, as well as their general mood.

Flowing space

The idea of having a flowing space is to create an open-concept office where there are no fixed workstations. This means that employees do not sit in one spot for the entire day and can instead move around freely. This allows for more interaction and collaboration between employees, which can be extremely beneficial for team morale.

While it may seem difficult to implement this type of design, it can actually be quite simple if you have the right tools. Many collaboration software platforms come with virtual workspaces that allow employees to move around freely while still being productive.

Another way to create a flowing space is to use furniture that can be moved around easily. It’s important not to create an environment where everything is fixed and immovable. Employees should be able to move around and change the layout as needed.

If the furniture is heavy or clunky, it will hinder the flow of the office and make it less collaborative. Another consideration when choosing furniture is the noise level. You don’t want to pick something that will cause distractions and make it hard for people to hear each other.

You also want to make sure that there’s enough sound insulation so that conversations can’t be heard outside the office. This doesn’t just improve productivity, it also makes the office a nicer place to work in. When choosing the layout of your office, you also want to think about how it will affect collaboration. The more closed off your office feels the less likely people will be to visit and collaborate with you.

Colour in the office

Studies have shown that certain colours can have a huge impact on our emotions. The colour blue, for example, is linked to feelings of calmness and confidence, which can be beneficial for employees. Blue is also known for improving our ability to concentrate and process information. Yellow, on the other hand, is thought to boost optimism, which can be helpful for employees who are stuck in a rut.

While it’s important to keep these findings in mind when choosing paint colours and furniture, there’s also no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll want to consider the personality of your team and choose colours that will foster the best environment for them.

For example, if your team is creative and you want to foster a creative environment, you may want to look at studies that suggest creative people tend to prefer blue or green. If your team is made up of people who are analytical and detail-oriented, studies show that these people tend to prefer yellow.

These results are just guidelines, not rules. Ultimately, you have the freedom to paint your office any colour you choose, as long as it helps your team succeed. Choosing paint colours is often a trial and error-process.

You’ll want to test out different colours in different lighting to determine which ones best suit your team’s needs. To do this, you can purchase paint swatches or get sample pots of paint and experiment with different hues. You might even want to take inspiration from nature and use a certain colour to create a mood in your office space.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration has been proven to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction while improving productivity and even the bottom line. This could be due to the fact that employees who are more engaged are also more likely to be satisfied with their job, leading them to do better work.

When planning your office design, make sure there is ample space for employees to interact with one another. You should also consider installing collaboration tools like video conference rooms or team messaging apps. These tools can help employees stay in touch with each other, even if they aren’t in the office at the same time.

Movement and wellbeing

One of the most important design trends for offices in 2022 is well-being. More and more businesses are prioritizing their employees’ mental and physical health, which is fantastic news for employees who often spend long hours sitting at a desk.

You can encourage employees to move more by installing exercise equipment or having a walking path around the office. You can also look into installing a hammock room or nap pods.

You can even install a sensory room to encourage employees to slow down and relax, especially after a long day. You should also keep in mind that employees may want to bring their own wellness tools to the office, such as a standing desk or noise-cancelling headphones. By planning an office with room for these types of tools, you can create a work environment that works for everyone.


As you can see, there are a lot of different factors that go into creating the perfect office space. The most important thing to remember is that every office is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

You’ll want to consider the needs of your employees and what would be best for them. With these interior design trends in mind, you’ll be able to create the ideal office for your team.

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