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How To Choose The Best Carpet Colours For Your Home

How To Choose The Best Carpet Colours For Your Home

There are many carpet choices possible on the market now. These products range in colour, pile type, material, cost, and more. If it comes to how to pick carpet colours for your home, it’s essential to weigh all of those factors. But, arguably the most significant decision you will likely have to perform before purchasing your new carpet flooring is what colour carpet to pick. If you’re not entirely certain where to begin with your carpet colour choice, you’re in the right spot. We’re breaking down some advice on how to find the ideal carpet colours for your home!

Carpet Trends For Today’s Homes

One thing you can contemplate when you’re searching for the ideal carpet colour for your home is today’s trends. Examine what’s currently fresh and hot and whether that goes with your interior layout style or not. Modern carpets can vary from brighter colours to deeper moody hues, new patterns, and unique carpet styles and characteristics.

Neutral Carpet Colours Give You Choices

While trends come and go, neutral carpet colours manage to stick around. They do produce a timeless feel and can be long-lasting through evolving interior design trends. Grays, beiges, browns, and shades of blue can be deemed neutral carpet colours. If you’re hoping to choose a carpet colour that will change to nearly any trend or style, a neutral carpet colour is a great option.

Are You Starting New or Replacing?

First and foremost, if you’re relocating into a new build home or remodelling from scratch, you might have a few more choices or avenues to start with than those looking to update the carpet and keep existing fittings and wall colours. While there are yet plenty of carpet colours, designs, styles, and trims out there for virtually any home design, starting fresh gives you a blank slate to operate with. Nevertheless, it can often be tough to know just where to begin when it comes to carpet, wall colours, furniture, materials and décor, so where do you start?
Assume you have not yet determined any part of your interior design. In that case, we suggest choosing an overall colour palette and a furniture swatch or item of furniture, and then picking flooring, then paint. It is much simpler to paint walls or change furniture than renew the flooring, so keep this in mind when considering your best carpet colour choices.

Your Lifestyle Deserves a Moment Of Thought

Do you have kids or pets, or do you live a peaceful lifestyle by the seaside? While you may not consider your lifestyle will play a large part in your carpet colour choice, you may be amazed. Carpet characteristics like stain resistance and easy cleanup have developed a long way, but it’s much easier to just pick a carpet that works with your lifestyle rather than continually worrying about owning a clean carpet.

Colours like white, light beige, and any light neutral are more challenging to keep clean when it comes to food spills and messes, pet mishaps, and mud and debris. But, they work well for more peaceful households and rooms like retreats, living spaces, and bedrooms. They can be held just as clean, depending on the endurance. If your house is full of young kids, it’s sufficient to opt for a darker neutral or one that has flecks of a few different colours, or even a carpet with a design.

Other colours like deep grey, shades of blue and green, and carpets with various colours are also perfect for homes with busy lifestyles or busy families. When determining the best carpet colours, this is an excellent tip to keep in mind.

Time To Remove Colour Options You Don’t Like

This might look like a simple tip, but it’s one of the most prominent. If there are carpet colours you really do not like, don’t even think about them! Extract them from the available options initially, so you don’t have to consider them in the future. It’s better to be straightforward with yourself than waste time thinking about colours that you likely won’t be comfortable with, in the long run.

Wall Colours Must Be Considered

Navy, white, cool grey, warm grey, light pink, whatever your wall colour is, make sure you recall it when picking a carpet colour unless you’re ready to change it. One thing that often gets ignored when choosing a carpet colour is the undertone of wall colours. Sure, you might own grey walls, but are they a warm grey or a cool grey colour? It’s more beneficial to pair warm tones with warm tones and cool tones with cool tones, rather than finishing up with your home appearing like something is just a bit off.

CarpetAce has a convenient mobile showroom. We come to your doorstep with our carpet range, where you can experiment with our colours onsite with your home decor and interior style.

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