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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Carpets for Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Carpets for Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Carpets for Your Home

A rug or carpet instantly transforms your space by adding colour, definition and warmth. How do you decide between pile or shaggy, Persian or contemporary, woollen or handloom carpet or rug? We have all the answers! Continue reading to learn more.

How to Choose Between Carpets and Rugs

What’s the difference between a carpet and a rug? Both are essentially identical, with the only difference being their size. Rugs are much smaller. Carpets were traditionally considered a floor covering that could be fixed to the wall and then installed. However, the carpets of today can be rolled up and used as rugs. However, they are larger than rugs which typically have sides less than 6 feet.

For added warmth in colder climates, rugs can be used to cover a wall-to-wall carpet.

How to choose the right size carpet

You don’t want a carpet or rug that is too small. Otherwise, it can get lost in the room. It should not be too large to overwhelm the room.

Ideal carpet size should be able to define the space it will be used.

  • If your furniture is being used in the seating area of the house, it should be possible to place it on the border of the carpet so that the front legs are at least two inches below the carpet.
  • Multiple rugs can be used to segregate and separate seating areas in the living room or family room.
  • If the carpet is used below the table, it should be big enough to cover the area when the chairs are removed. It should be 2 feet around the footprint of your table.
  • At least half of the rug should be below the bed in the bedroom. Even a long rug at the foot of a bed in a small bedroom will work.

Living Room Carpets

The living room is the most used space in your home. Here you can entertain family and friends and have a great time with your children and spouse. You want your carpet to be durable and beautiful. Darker colours will last longer and won’t get stained. The carpet should match your decor theme and colour palette.

A Persian carpet, a delicate option that can be used in a formal living space for entertaining, will give it a touch of elegance.

Mats for the Entrance Door

Before anyone enters your home, lay down a small fibre mat to wipe your shoes and boots. The mat should be thick and non-skid. It should also be easy to clean. This mat is ideal for natural coir and jute mats.

Carpets for Dining Room

The dining area is only used for meals, so the carpet must be able to withstand spills. Choose darker colours or light colours that don’t stain. Material such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyester can be washed easily. They are also relatively affordable.

Carpets for the Hallway

Your foyer is the area that makes the first impression about your home. Small, attractive runners made of nylon or thick wool, with unique motifs at the centre of hallways, can make a bold style statement. Durability is important because of the high foot traffic. Therefore, sturdier materials are recommended.

Bedroom Carpets

It’s a pleasant feeling to get out of bed on a soft, inviting carpet. The bedroom should be soft and comfortable. It is also important to have a carpet that suits your personal tastes. You can choose from rugs in wool, nylon, or cotton to complement your decor.

Bathroom mats

The bathroom mat should be absorbent and soft to soak up the bathwater. The rubber backing should be strong and grippy, so it doesn’t slip or slide on wet floors. You want a material that is washable can dry quickly and does not get damaged in the washer.

Carpets for landings and stairs

Avoid carpeting on landings and staircases. You could fall if your feet get caught in the carpet. If you do have to place a carpet on a staircase or landing, ensure it is not slippery. Otherwise, you might fall down the stairs. Stair runners made of wool or jute in patterns are a smart choice. Make sure the carpet is securely nailed down or glued down, so it does not move.

Tips and tricks to choose the right carpets

  • When deciding on the pattern for your carpet, keep in mind the space. A large room will have more patterns than a small one. However, repeatable patterns can be used in smaller rooms.
  • A striped carpet can make a small room appear larger visually by making it look wider.
  • Black and white carpets give a modern look to any space.
  • Fine Persian carpets are heirloom treasures that increase in value with the passage of time.
  • You should rotate the carpet every once in a while so that all sides are worn down equally. Avoid putting heavy furniture or feet that are clawed on the carpet. This will cause a permanent dent and cannot be easily removed.
  • You can use rugs and carpets to delineate spaces in an open-plan house.

Carpet Material

The usage will determine the type of material you choose. The bedroom is warm with a shaggy carpet. It’s wonderful to get up in the morning and sink your toes into soft carpeting next to your bed. Antiskid qualities should be present on a bathroom mat, while the rug that is used in children’s rooms should be washable and long-lasting enough to withstand dirt and scrapes. Coir, cotton or jute mats have a rough feel underfoot that evokes natural fibre.

Tips for Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

To prevent dust from settling on carpets and rugs, vacuum them regularly. This will keep them soft and clean. You can dry the carpet on your balcony or terrace once every few months. To prevent permanent staining, spillages should be removed immediately. Blot the spilt liquids and clean up with a stain-removal product that won’t discolour the carpet. Professional cleaning is recommended for expensive carpets.

Do not pull any threads from your carpet that is loose. They could cause damage to the weave. Instead, use scissors to cut the threads and tie them.

A rug or carpet instantly transforms your space by adding colour, definition and warmth. How do you decide between pile or shaggy, Persian or contemporary, woollen or handloom carpet or rug? Give CarpetAce a call for professional advice on the best flooring for your environment.

The CarpetAce team is here to help you choose your favourite flooring whether it be carpet, carpet tiles, timber or vinyl. Call us today to get started.

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