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4 Popular Carpet Colour Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation Project

4 Popular Carpet Colour Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation Project

4 Popular Carpet Colour Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation Project

Carpet is the ideal backdrop to a study, bedroom or family room. On top of being comfortable under your feet, a carpet is a fantastic option for combining texture and colour with your favourite spaces. Whatever carpet styles you favour, CarpetAce is proud to present flooring answers to accommodate all palates.

Let’s catch a look at four carpet colours and decor ideas to have you inspired for your ensuing renovation project.

Blue Carpets Go Well With Warm and Cool

blue carpet melbourneBlue carpets bring a tone of modern clarity and professionalism to any home decor and furniture. They are great for office spaces, reception areas, or the home, bringing contemporary hues and elegance.

Grey Carpet Is The New Neutral

grey carpetsA grey cut and loop carpet are ideal for spaces that have vibrant colours. As you may have heard on the grapevine, grey is the innovative neutral. As a more modern option to beige, grey carpet colours produce a remarkably versatile space – seamlessly paired with most decor palettes. This is perfect for rental properties, guest rooms or anyone who wants to redecorate on an impulse.

Dark Carpet Creates Luxury and Emphasis

dark carpets melbourneDark carpets can emphasise brighter colours, bringing the emphasis of your colour scheme to life. In addition, brilliant colours on dark backgrounds are highlighted and draw your spectators attention.

Push Your Ideas With Modular Carpet Tiles

carpet tiles melbourneCarpet tiles are an excellent option for homes and commercial settings such as the living room, bedrooms, reception areas in offices and retail stores. One of their prominent characteristics is the ability to mix and match designs with patterns and different colours that can suit just about any interior colour scheme. Also, they are installed similar to porcelain tiles, without the rigid set of grout and cement. As a result, you can literally lift up one carpet tile without damaging other tiles to access under-floor wiring and cables. This makes them an excellent option for commercial and retail environments.

Whatever your flavour, the perfect carpet for your next home reno project is waiting for you at CarpetAce. Boasting an assorted array of carpet designs and colours, we have something in stock for everyone. So if you’re considering carpeting in any area, take a look at our carpet store and contact us for Melbourne’s most competitive costs and prices.

Bonus Info On Summer Carpet Colours To Use In Your Next Project

Carpet Colour Combinations for Summer

It’s difficult to find carpet colour combinations that are both flattering and unique. In modern years, designers have begun to use various colours to create new looks rather than sticking with the same old drab carpet designs. One reason for this is that it’s much easier to develop new carpet colour schemes in the summer months. Colour temperatures go up dramatically, making it possible to combine two or more colours that you wouldn’t usually have been able to.

One of the most popular summertime combination’s involves the combination of chocolate and orange. This type of carpet look is usually achieved by dying black and white carpet in shades of orange and brown, rather than using pure white. You may even opt to use lighter and darker versions of the primary colours for varying effects. For example, a pink-and-white combination can be made brighter by using chocolate-coloured threads. The result can be made more interesting by strategically using contrasting elements, such as bold stripes for a modern feel or cool maroons and yellows for an intimate summer style.

Another popular summertime combination combines the traditional with the more unusual. Of course, rich reds and gold will always look attractive on the carpet, but they can be given a unique shade in the summer months thanks to the warmer weather. This combination seems perfect in shaggy styles and mixed with other darker colours, such as deep burgundy. It can also look good in medium to larger spaces, which is often the case in the summer.

Pastel shades are also quite popular during the summer. They’re a good choice if you want your carpet to appear less stark. These carpet types look good in formal and informal settings, and they’re particularly suited to bright tile patterns and pictures.

For those who need some colour for a bright effect, a combination of red, orange and yellow can create a striking look that works in any room. Although this type of carpeting is not a common choice in homes, it does have its place in summertime weddings and other themed events. It can also be paired with floral prints and textured wallpaper, giving any home a touch of lush elegance. When mixed with darker colours, these carpeting colours can evoke thoughts of warmth and vibrant colour.

The key to successful carpet colour combinations is to find a palette that works well together. If you have a particular design in mind, make sure that your chosen carpet matches it perfectly. For example, if you have a traditional two-tone colour scheme in your living area, don’t mix it up with an ultra-modern black and white carpet in the dining room! Similarly, you may prefer a more tropical style for your bedroom, so stick to muted earth tones or pastel colours. Once you have decided on the overall colour scheme of your carpeting, try to get as much contrast in your interior design as possible. By doing this, you can create exciting visual surprises by arranging your furniture in surprising ways.

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