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The pros and cons of engineered wood flooring

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The pros and cons of engineered wood flooring

Have you ever wondered about the pros and cons of engineered wood flooring? This article will hopefully help you make a decision on your next purchase.

Wood flooring is the most popular flooring option. Wood flooring is a popular choice because everyone wants it. If they don’t have it, they may want something that looks similar. Hardwood flooring is timeless and stylish, making it easy to see why its popularity is so high.

Engineered hardwood flooring is an alternative to hardwood flooring. The main difference is that it is not 100% solid wood flooring. This might sound terrible, but engineered hardwood top layers real wood.

The top layer of wood veneer is the only one people will see once it is installed. It is 100% real wood. Lower layers are made of other wood-derived materials. They can vary greatly, but they will most often be made from timber and board combined and glued together.

It is not a 100% hardwood floor, but it is close. After the flooring has been installed, most people won’t be able to tell the difference. Now that you have more information about engineered hardwood let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Pro: The price

The traditional hardwood floor is very popular, but imitation hardwood flooring is quite common because it is more expensive than the real deal. Engineered hardwood flooring offers a middle ground.

Although it is more expensive than vinyl or imitation laminate, it is still less expensive than traditional hardwood. Although engineered hardwood will not be as beautiful or durable as vinyl or imitation laminate, it is often cheaper than traditional hardwood.

Pro: Stylish

Engineered hardwood looks the same as traditional hardwood flooring, so it is extremely stylish. You can also choose from a variety of finishes. You can find an engineered version of a wood that you love. Hardwood flooring’s timeless appeal is what is most appealing. An engineered wood floor will offer you that same look. Engineered oak flooring, which is the most popular type of wood floor, comes in many colours and finishes.

Pro: Higher Temperature Resistance

Engineered hardwood flooring has one advantage over traditional hardwood because of the way it is formed. It is much more resistant to humidity and temperature changes. The wood will not shrink or swell nearly as much as traditional hardwood. Engineered wood flooring can be used with water-fed underfloor heating. This makes it an excellent choice for home renovations.

Pro: Increases the value of your home

Hardwood flooring can add value to your home if it is installed properly. Engineered hardwood can do the same and adds long-term value. Even if you don’t plan to sell, engineered hardwood flooring is a great investment.

Con: Maintenance

Any hardwood flooring will require a lot of care to maintain its beauty and lustre. Engineered wood is not any different. If you’re willing to maintain it, then it may not be suitable for homes with pets or children.

Con: Potentially weak

There are many options for engineered hardwood flooring. Some manufacturers use weaker materials and will not make their flooring the best. Although it may look great on the surface, it can become very unstable and weak after a few months. Make sure you do your research before purchasing engineered hardwood flooring. This will ensure that you only purchase from a reliable manufacturer.

Con: Fading

Another disadvantage that engineered hardwood has in common with traditional hardwood flooring is its ability to fade. The wood will fade if it is exposed to UV rays for too long. This can be fixed easily. You can reduce the chance of your wood fading by keeping your blinds/ curtains closed and using rugs to protect more sensitive areas.


What is the verdict on engineered hardwood flooring, then? Although there are some drawbacks, many of these issues are similar to those you’d experience with traditional hardwood flooring.

You don’t have to choose engineered hardwood flooring. The same timeless and stylish look can be achieved at a lower price, often at a more affordable price. You will enjoy a beautiful floor for many years if you make sure you only buy engineered flooring from reputable manufacturers.

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