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Best Carpet for Kids’ Playrooms

Best Carpet for Kids' Playrooms

Best Carpet for Kids’ Playrooms

Carpet is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a playroom for children.

Carpet is a soft, comfortable choice for children’s playrooms where they will be crawling, sitting and playing most of the day. Not all carpets are suitable for playroom areas.

There are many options for kid-friendly carpets that will make your playroom safe and stylish. When redesigning your children’s playroom, what qualities should you look for in a carpet? Let’s break it down!

Stain-Resistant Playroom Flooring

Children can get messy if we are being completely honest. Carpets that are durable and can withstand playtime will be able to withstand the dangers of kids slipping in the playroom, or spilling their juice.

There are many family-friendly carpet options made from nylon and polyester, synthetic materials that are stain-resistant but easy to clean.

Style and Carpet Pile to the Playroom

It is important to choose the right pile for your playroom carpet. Traditional plush carpets and shags are not the best choices for high-traffic areas where children will be running.

Berber loop carpets, such as Berber, can be problematic because they can catch toys and playtime easily, creating visible pulls in your carpet.

You don’t need to sacrifice luxury and comfort for durability. Many carpets offer warmth and a luxurious feel, while also resisting stains and being durable enough to withstand foot traffic.

For children’s playrooms, thick textures can be made with long crimped yarns or cut-and-loop designs.

Choose the Colour of Your Kid’s Playroom Carpet!

It should be enjoyable and in harmony with the overall design of the space to choose a colour for your playroom carpet. Multicolour textures are a good option when choosing a carpet colour. Multicolour textures can be used to hide imperfections and create a dynamic space.

Are you ready to design a playroom for your children? You can browse the entire selection of our family-friendly flooring store in Melbourne.

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