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Commercial Flooring for All Weather Conditions

Commercial Flooring for All Weather Conditions

Commercial Flooring for All Weather Conditions

Most of us have businesses that deal with extreme heat or cold. Weather is an important aspect of commercial flooring. It is often overlooked, but it is vital. You may be unable to use certain materials due to weather conditions, and it can drastically affect how the flooring will need maintenance.

We are here to help you understand the complexities of commercial flooring and weather.

Choose from a variety of hot and dry weather flooring options

Everyone loves dry, warm weather. Even your floors. Most flooring types can be used in hot, dry climates. Vinyl, tile, carpet tiles and actual tile are all great options for dry weather. There are endless possibilities for flooring in hot weather!

Modular Commercial Carpet Tiles

carpet tiles melbourneRemember to consider how much sunlight your floors will be exposed to in dry climates. Vinyl and hardwood can fade if they are too exposed to the sun.

Commercial Hardwood

engineered timber flooring melbourneThis problem can be solved quickly by investing in window treatments that protect your floors from the harmful UV rays and preserve their beauty over time.

Choose from a range of cold-weather flooring options

how to clean vinyl flooringVinyl and laminate are best for commercial spaces in cold climates. These commercial flooring options can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, which sometimes affect Australia.

Commercial Vinyl

Because it can be used in both hot and cold weather, tile is the best option for flooring.

Commercial Floor Tile

Carpeting is the best choice for cold climates because it is cost-effective. They are warm and cosy, and carpet tiles & broadlooms carpets can help to insulate spaces. Carpet tiles are a great option because they are easy to maintain than other flooring options. It’s simple to remove a damaged carpet tile from a floor without removing it completely.

Broadloom Carpet for Commercial Use

Hardwood should be avoided if you live in colder regions. Extreme weather conditions can cause your hardwood floor to expand or contract. Hardwood is an option for people who live in dry areas that have less moisture.

Choose from a variety of wet and humid weather flooring options

We recommend using waterproof vinyl or tile for humid and hot weather. These flooring options are easier to clean, as wet weather often means mud. They are also extremely resistant to water damage. Hardwood and carpet will not be damaged by moisture so you should choose waterproof options.

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