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The Best Berber Carpet, Prices & Pros and Cons

Berber carpet melbourne

Berber carpeting is currently one of the more attractive styles in production and, likewise, one of the oldest. It was first woven by hand in North Africa thousands of years ago and is still prevalent today due to its unique style.

While you don’t require a diploma to find the best Berber carpet brands, it’s essential to know how the carpet is made and the distinction between traditional and manufactured Berber. Our guide will give you a crash class in Berber carpeting as we’re going to address installation, pricing and the pros and cons of this unique carpeting.

The word “Berber” can create confusion as it can indicate a style or colour of the carpet. The term is used loosely by sellers and carpet manufacturers alike but typically applies to a loop carpet style. Formerly, this fibre was hand-woven by the Berber tribe and highlighted multi-coloured flecks of wool in the weave, with a notable knot or loop.

You can find the identical look from manufactured Berber carpets now. The term itself now applies to certain looped carpeting styles that meet specific criteria produced by the manufacturer. In other words, it’s not unusual to find solid-coloured nylon looped carpet without specks called “Berber” or see light-coloured olefin carpet with flecks, also mentioned as Berber. Despite the colour, this substance is distinct, whether it’s patterned loop Berber or Cut and Loop Berber.

Is Berber carpet suitable for pets or domesticated animals?

Carpet and pets don’t regularly get along, but sometimes it’s a union made in paradise. With Berber, it’s a bit of a variety bag admitting its looped style and the types of pets most homeowners let roam about their homes – cats and dogs. Claws can be a problem with other types of flooring, and it can be a dilemma with Berber if you have rowdy pets.

Does your cat neglect to use its scratching post and favour your rug or carpet instead? Well, you don’t want them performing it on Berber carpet, and a heavy dog can create damage fast when they tear across the room to grab a toy or just to say hi. Berber carpet isn’t bad if you have pets, particularly if it’s high-quality, but you’ll want to hold the size of these loops in mind.

Berber Carpet Pros and Cons

Any variety of flooring will have pros and cons, especially carpet. While comfortable, it’s not built to stand decades of abuse like wooden flooring, and Berber carpet is recognised as a carpeting style that can be challenging to deal with for an assortment of reasons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Berber carpeting for your home or business.


  • Flecked Berber hides dirt well
  • Handles heavy foot traffic with ease
  • Variety of fibre choices
  • Affordable, more inexpensive to manufacture
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Potential for running
  • Hard to install for DIYer’s
  • Difficult to restore or repair
  • Not as soft as other varieties of carpeting

Berber Carpet Prices

Suppose you’re engaged in purchasing Berber carpet for your home or business and can handle the negatives. In that case, it’s time to talk about the cost of Berber carpeting. As we discussed, it is one of the more affordable alternatives in the carpet business. It’s also no longer deemed “cheap” by many homeowners thanks to modern styles and fibres, so you can find it installed everywhere in homes, not just high-traffic areas or over basements.

While it’s hard to narrow down a value given the wealth of Berber choices possible, the fibre it’s built from will raise the cost, as will the general style. Patterned carpeting ordinarily brings a premium, and that’s no different with Berber carpeting. Patterned Loop and Cut and Cut Berber are also alternatives, and then you have the fibre itself to consider.

Wool Berber carpet is the most costly, with prices varying in the higher range per square foot for high-quality stocks. Nylon is considerably cheaper but fluctuates wildly in the lower end per square foot. At the same time, olefin Berber manages to be the cheapest and the most challenging to clean.

Again, that’s just a spectrum, like the colour, manufacturer, and overall quality of the carpet will perform a part in the pricing. With brands, companies like Godfrey Hirst ( Melbourne carpet manufacturers) have large numbers of Berber carpeting, and you’ll indeed find fibres in the Berber style with other top manufacturers in the carpet world.

The Cost Of Berber Carpet Installation

One of the cons of Berber carpeting is the truth that it’s not easy to fit or install. That means it’s not fundamentally DIY-friendly, so you’ll need to think long and hard before choosing to install this style of carpet on your own.
Berber Carpets may cost a few dollars per square metre. There is no specific cost or price for this type of carpet, as it comes in varieties and types. The best option is to contact CarpetAce on 0425 552 816 for a free in house measure and quote from our mobile flooring shop.

To Sum It All Up

Berber carpet is unusual, and the winning price point makes it an appealing option for various rooms in your house. However, it is a style you need to examine carefully due to all the variables concerned with the style and the term itself. If you are on the fence regarding Berber or just want to choose the style of Berber that’s best suited to your requirements, contact your local flooring specialists in Melbourne, CarpetAce. We will give you a range of options that best suits your specific requirements and from the best manufacturers.

Looking for Qualified Installer For Berber Carpet?

CarpetAce delivers the best products available on the market. We specialise in this type of flooring and have a mobile showroom that comes to your door to see firsthand how our products can fit in with your interior styling.

Q: Is damaged Berber carpet easy to repair?

A: It’s possible, but it also depends on the nature of the damage and how bad it is. Some superficial damage can be repaired with some DIY applications such as kits, but repairing carpet yourself can create more significant problems and higher costs if not done correctly. It’s best to chat with us about it, as we offer flooring repair services as well.

Q: What’s the best type of vacuum cleaner to use on Berber carpeting?

A: A wide assortment of systems will operate from cordless stick vacuums to big uprights or canister vacuums. The primary thing to keep in mind is the power of strength of the suction. Heavier carpets require stronger vacuums and carpet cleaners.

Q: Berber carpeting is affordable, however, is all Berber carpet cheaply built?

A: No. While this form of carpet is well recognised for remaining a budget-friendly option, there is a wide assortment of Berber carpet styles that fall into the premium and mid-range classes as well.

Q: Is Berber carpet easy to keep clean and maintain?

A: It’s in the centre of the pack when it comes to carpet types. While not hard to clean, wicking could be a dilemma because of the close weave and stain resistance.

Q: What’s the best way to stop Berber carpet from snagging?

A: Most snags in Berber arise from inferior quality carpet or poor judgments by homeowners. With the latter, you will want to refrain from dragging anything over your carpet and constantly keep an eye on pets in your house. Unkempt paws are one of the fastest ways to degrade this style of carpet.

Q: Is Berber carpet a good pick for homes with busy or large pets?

A: Yes. Berber is a flexible style that does great in homes with pets or children. Snags are possible; however, keeping your pet’s claws trimmed is always a great idea or adding a pet post or area where they can scratch is also an option.

Q: How long can I expect the Berber carpet to last?

A: Within 5 to 20 years, depending on the kind of fibre used and the manufacturer. On average, 10 to 15 years is common unless using a fibre like Olefin.

Q: What’s the most suitable fibre for durability in Berber carpet?

A: Nylon. This fibre is recognised for its ability to hold up well beneath foot traffic where other fibres falter and is an excellent all-around option for several styles.

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