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Rug On Carpet For Home Decorating

Rug On Carpet For Home Decorating

Rug on Carpet for Home Decorating

Rug on Carpet Interior Design Guide

A rug is placed over a hardwood floor when decorating a room. You may use a rug over a tile floor or patio. Most people wouldn’t consider using a rug on top of a carpet. This seems to be against rug usage conventions. However, it is becoming more popular to layer rugs with other rugs and carpets.

Why decorate with a rug on a carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpeting can be quite boring. A sea of boring carpet colours can make large rooms look drab. A handwoven rug can add visual interest and texture to a room. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to layer a rug.

  • Divide a room: Area Rugs are often used to create separate areas and divide rooms. This works equally well for layering a carpet over a hardwood floor. For example, place the rug in the section that you would like to be a seating area.
  • Make your carpet stand out with a new colour scheme  Most carpets are boring colours, particularly in rental spaces. A rug can make a carpeted area more vibrant. You can also use a rug to accent other colours in your home, such as the tones of your artwork.
  • Create Visual Order  – Part of interior design excellence is to create a sense of order so that the eye knows where it should look. A rug can be used as a focal point in a room. Alternatively, use a large rug over your carpet. You can create a border that runs around the room to add a strong sense of geometry.
  • Create Unique Styles  Using rugs to layer over the carpet can create unique styles that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. This works best with two rugs, but it is also possible with carpet. Below is more information about mixing patterns. The short version is you can be creative with this design technique.

A rug can be layered on top of a carpet to make a room look amazing.

A rug is similar to adding a rug to a carpeted area. The same function of adding order, comfort, and design to a rug is still being fulfilled. You must remember to include the carpet in your design plans.

Considerations when layering a rug over carpet

It is more complicated than just placing a rug on the floor to layer a rug. These considerations will guide you in your selections and placement decisions.

Make sure you have the right size area rug on top of your carpet

The right size rug is key to making any room look great. This is especially true if the rug is placed on top of a carpet. Use an area rug that is large enough to reach furniture in the space. It will look out of place and awkward if it is floating around in the middle. It should not extend beyond the space. It will look bad and unprofessional.

If your rug covers a large area of the room, you can resize it by measuring the carpet and subtracting 2 or 3 feet from each dimension. This will create a border around the rug.

To make your room appear put together, consider the size of the rug that you will be layering.

For the right carpet, choose the right texture rug

You need the texture of the rug and carpet to match each other. This technique is best when the bottom layer has either short piles or loops. A flat-woven bottom layer can work too. To create a unique texture contrast, add a thicker rug on top. You can also match the textures but keep the design and colour difference. This is where the trick lies: keep your visuals simple. It will look chaotic if everything has a thick texture and bold patterns, or bright colours.

Carpet on Carpet Layering

Take into account the colour palette of the carpet and area rug

The design textures must complement one another, and the colour is a key element. This technique is safer than layering subtle colours over bright ones. The same goes for patterns. Some people experiment with mixing bold patterns and colours in their rugs.

This is not an easy task. It can be stunning and original if done right.

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