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Living Room Interior Design Tips For Homeowners

Living Room Interior Design Tips For Homeowners

Living room flooring trends are always evolving with new structures and colour schemes. With CarpetAce’s range of carpets for home, there are a wide array of living flooring choices to match your existing home decor perfectly. Yet, when searching for the latest living room flooring trends and best carpet manufacturers in Australia, some of our favourites include these quality carpets:

The Best Carpet Styles and Trends for Living Rooms

Shaggy Rugs On Timber

While carpet colours and patterns are always changing, one trend that seems to be here to stay for quite some time is the use of shag. It seems that carpet buyers want the easiest, least maintenance and most affordable way to redo their living rooms.

Shag pile carpet is a great solution for those who wish to keep their living rooms in the minimal form factor. It doesn’t take much to achieve the look of shag. Simply pick up a few strategically placed shag rugs to bring the basic colour tones together. You can then complement them with a few tasteful accessories such as vintage decorations, pillows, candles or lamps and accents. Shag rugs can complement any living room flooring in company with some timeless timber flooring underneath.

Stripes Help To Organise Your Space

Using stripes as an inspiration to mix and match is one of the newest living room flooring trends. Whether it’s an edgy pattern or a tried-and-true colour scheme, striped flooring is making a strong statement in today’s design world. Stripes can be used in your living rooms in a variety of patterns, but perhaps the easiest way to go about it is to purchase solid coloured flooring that you can then create your own style. Then you can install different designs and styles of stripes in your room at a fraction of the cost.

Gorgeous Wooden Flooring Brings Authentic Design

Wooden flooring also continues to be among the most popular choices when it comes to designing a living room. It’s the kind of material that seems to hold timeless fashion statements. Once homeowners discover the old-style design and original patterns timber flooring can give, they will be constantly searching for new ways to add this modern accent to their home. Just as soon as they have discovered how easy it is to incorporate hardwood flooring into their overall design, the craze for this floor covering will begin to grow.

Carpet Tiles Continue To Grow In Popularity

The next big trend in covering floors is carpet tiles. No longer are all patterns created the same way. In fact, there are now many patterns that can provide a unique flair. This includes floral, stripes, and even checkerboard designs. Floral prints are still quite popular, but floral patterns have become quite elegant. Carpet tiles used to be more favourable for businesses such as office buildings and reception areas, but this type of flooring is now even more popular with carpets for a home. Thye offers a modular design and can be mixed and matched to suit your interior design trend.

Patterned flooring is popular among those who want to inject some character into their spaces, but those who want a unique look will go for a different type of living room flooring. Those who want their flooring patterns to reflect their personality will often choose art Deco, Victorian, or whimsical patterns. The most popular patterns right now seem to be chenille, flokati, and stripes.

Some Carpet Colours Designer Tips

Just as decorating has become more complicated, so have the trends when it comes to living room floor coverings. While you still may choose to stick with neutral colours like white, cream, and beiges, you will also notice a greater variety when it comes to bolder hues. For example, pastels are making a comeback in many homes. These vivid blues, greens, yellows, and reds offer more than just colour. They offer a warm, inviting feel, but they’re also quite affordable. Bold colours offer a striking design option for flair when combined with darker colours such as dark grey or black carpets.

The future of living room flooring is bright. Colourful, durable flooring materials are currently dominating the market. The trend to use exotic and unusual colours is also picking up steam. As new technologies create new designs, the trends for living room flooring will also change.

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