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Cavalier Bremworth – Carpet Manufacturers

Cavalier Bremworth - Superior New Zealand Carpet Manufacturers

Cavalier Bremworth

New Zealand Wool Carpets and Rugs

An Experience of Difference, Created For You

At Cavalier Bremworth, the additional mile comes standard. That’s because they set you at the heart of everything they do. They don’t simply create carpets. They provide genuine lifestyle answers that will enchant your senses and promote your home environment.

New Zealand Inspiration Lives Here

The Cavalier Bremworth story is a sharply New Zealand one. Pure and natural. Innovative. Passionate and welcoming. Inspired by the colours and compositions of New Zealand’s unique and wonderfully varied landscapes, their carpets have been gracing the floors of stylish rooms throughout the world for generations.

Designed With Style In Mind

Their passion for carpeting perfection is relentless. Always combining the highest quality materials with a timeless purpose and exacting attention to detail. They continually seek ways to innovate and inspire, exploring opportunities to improve functionality and style to enrich your home environment.

60 Years Of Crafting Elegance

There are no short cuts on the route to premium. Their passionate team of artisans and innovators are amongst the world’s finest – some with generations of expertise. Collectively, the colour and craft, with skill and precision, changing raw materials into striking carpets and rugs. It’s a commitment that speaks of unyielding quality at each step of the way.

Farm Gate To Floor

Grown in the rolling green meadows of New Zealand’s pristine farmlands, they source the most distinguished quality wool and only to the exacting requirements. Operating with this natural, biodegradable commodity, they batch dye to produce a superior colour appearance. The fibre is then prepared into yarn and tufted to become warm, sumptuous wool carpets and rugs.

Home Truths About Wool

For design and performance, they prefer wool. Little else matches its natural comfort, resilience, design characteristics and luxurious appeal. Not only is wool sustainable, but it will also help your home and health with its unique characteristics. Wool serves to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and can help clean the air, resist odours and curb moisture. Wool is also flame repellent and resists most kinds of stains.

Cavalier Bremworth Carpets Standard Characteristics

  • Noise insulator
  • Moisture management
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fire resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Biodegradable & sustainable
  • Resilient Air purifier
  • Less odorous

Among their many variations, one stands apart.

Felted woollen fibre carpets and rugs are a very sought-after Cavalier Bremworth masterpiece. Using their elite felting method in place of wool spinning, we can craft a denser, stronger and more luxurious woollen yarn with distinguished colour abilities. The result is stunning flooring that offers excellent performance and longevity – not to mention really unique design choices that are beautiful to look at and a dream to live on.

Their Collections

Bremworth Collections

Luxury. Richness. Elegance.

The Bremworth Collection is an elite and characteristic range of premium carpets, each produced to bring the very best into your residence. They source the most exquisite 100% pure New Zealand wool and style it into carpets of extraordinary comfort and contemporary design – many emphasising their sumptuous and uniquely beautiful felted wool.

Cavalier Bremworth

Instilled with the timeless charm of wool, their Cavalier Bremworth carpets are certain to enhance any home or interior setting. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’, we always strive for extraordinary. The collection extends a wide range of domestic styles, from modern plush and hard twist cut piles to spirited and tailored loop piles—all in colour palettes produced to complement any kind of décor or interior style.

Care and Warranties – Protecting Your Investment

True Beauty Deserves Peace Of Mind

Be assured, every Cavalier Bremworth wool carpet also arrives with a complete six-point warranty package – assuring your floors will look great for several years to come.

  • A 15-year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty
  • A 15-year Insect Resistance Limited Warranty
  • A Lifetime Manufacturer’s Defects Limited Warranty
  • A Lifetime Food & Beverage Stain Resistance Limited Warranty
  • A Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited Warranty
  • A Lifetime Fire Resistance Limited Warranty

Carpet and Rug Care

Whilst most carpet stains can be eliminated if treated quickly, sometimes you require a little extra help. They have been producing New Zealand’s top-selling carpet stain remover for longer than 25 years. Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Remover gives spot treatment for both wet and dry stains – pleasing many homeowners who have eliminated stubborn stains they believed were beyond help.

Good To Know Carpet – Durability and Quality Assurance

On the back of your carpet sample, scan for the Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Star rating. This is granted by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) – an autonomous certification body. For carpet with better design and performance on your floor, wool is a natural alternative. Not only is it hard-wearing and luxurious under your feet, but wool is additionally hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, fire-resistant. It helps to create a warm, dry and healthful home.


The look of colour can vary in various environments, so it’s important to view your preferred sample under daylight and artificial light before reaching your final decision. Keep in mind that darker colours can make a room seem smaller, whereas lighter colours can produce a sense of spaciousness.

Bringing It All Together

Once you have made your decision, you can compare the sample with your home decor and the style of your home. This can be a great idea for home renovations and remodelling of your existing home, as well as styling your new home.

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