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What Makes a Great Carpet Sale In Melbourne?

carpet sale melbourne

A great carpet sale is a homeowners dream. Carpets make for one of the biggest percentages of home investments. Don’t you love walking into a store and finding what you need at discounted prices? I know I do.

We all know about those end of year sales around Christmas time and boxing day, where there is a big rush to find all those bargains. Thing is, you have a risk of being trampled by stampeding customers who quickly and efficiently clear out the store. But this is the sole purpose of sales and promotions, isn’t it?

Our Carpet Sale is a Two-Fold Whammy!

Well here at CarpetAce, we don’t want customers clearing out our stock. Firstly, they couldn’t, as we have an unlimited supply of the best flooring available in Melbourne. We source our products from the best manufacturers and suppliers in Australia.

Secondly, we have an ongoing sale, that runs throughout the year. It never ends. But best of all if you find a better quote or price on and carpet or flooring, we will beat it. So it’s a two-fold whammy!

I know what you’re thinking, how can we afford to supply and install the best quality carpets, such as Godfrey Hirst and Cavalier Bremworth at ongoing low prices? Well, the answer is simple. Since we have been in the game for decades, and our carpet layers have been installing our products for so long, we have built up a reputation with the best suppliers.

Over the years we have increased and improved our business contacts and have expanded our long arms to include quality, workmanship, experience and training. Providing all these characteristics to give you the best business in the industry.

Just Read Our Carpet and Flooring Reviews

Reviews and testimonials don’t cost anything, but they are hard to come by. When a customer leaves a good review, it means they are impressed and help out others in the process of trying to find a great flooring business in Melbourne. They want to help others in sharing their experience throughout the whole process. When you have a business that is constantly receiving excellent 5-star reviews, over time that reputation increases. Want proof? Carpet Ace has a steady stream of the best reviews from its customers and clientele. Read our carpet and flooring reviews right here.

They call this social proof, people are looking for proof and want to be socially aware that they have to interact with the best company available. This gives them peace of mind. We make the whole process as convenient and fast as possible. So you can move into your new home, complete that renovation or extension or start working in your new business.

carpet sale melbourne

Experience in Carpet Laying Procedures

CarpetAce has over 40 years of real-world experience and floor laying expertise in the industry. Experience is something that cannot be brought. Its earned through hours and hours of labour and practical learning. Experience teaches you to be better at what you do through trial and error. Until you reach a state of perfection through customer interaction, speed, efficiency, knowing the best brands, the functionality of the flooring you are laying and of course the best prices in town.

Our Mobile Showroom Comes To You

CarpetAce has a mobile showroom that comes directly to your door with real samples of our quality carpets. Not only are they discounted, and of excellent quality, but you can also see first hand how the flooring products will look and feel within your home or business. We can help you to decide the colours, style and functionality of the carpets. Whether you need high traffic, high pile, wool, synthetic, linoleum, wooden or vinyl flooring.

The Best Deal, The Best Flooring, The Best Experience

With our experience, we can give you the best all-around experience possible. Our staff are friendly, trustworthy, and professional in all aspects of the trade. So if you want the best carpet sale in Melbourne, we can deliver. Good old fashioned services with modern products.

Quality Carpets and Flooring Create the Basis of a Great Carpet Sale

Of course, when it all comes down to it, regardless of the cost to lay carpet, or the flooring itself, it all comes down to the quality and functionality of the product you are purchasing. The grade of the product has to be high, long-living, created from the best materials, manufactured with the most modern equipment, functional and last but not least, great looking.

We Will Roll Out The Red Carpet For You

red carpetsWe will give you a celebrity experience and provide your home with the best quality products available on the market today. With modern designs, functional and durable styles, and the best quotes, you can’t go wrong.

In The End

So to create a great carpet sale, you need all of the above, excellent suppliers, professional and experienced carpet layers, an A-grade customer experience, fast and friendly services, high-grade carpets at discounted prices, ongoing 5-star customer reviews and a mobile showroom that comes to you. With all these elements combines you have the best business giving you the best possible experience in Melbourne!

When You Want The Best Choice In Carpets At The Best Possible Prices

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Our friendly customer service staff are waiting for your call or enquiry. Please don’t hesitate for a no-obligation free in house measure and quote with our mobile showroom.

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