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New Flooring Installation – What To Do With Furniture

New Flooring Installation - What To Do With Furniture

New Flooring Installation – What To Do With Furniture

You have finally decided to make the leap and get a new floor for your home. Perhaps you are looking for hardwood in the dining area, or you want to refresh the carpet in the family room. Maybe you are planning to completely redecorate your home’s flooring. This is a great time. But how do you put new flooring in your home without moving the entire family?

Your new flooring will not be possible if your furniture and belongings are in the way. Many factors will influence what you do with your furniture. Start by asking yourself these questions to help you formulate a plan.

How big are your new flooring projects?

Are you looking to replace flooring in one room or all of your house? It’s OK to temporarily move a small kitchenette and two chairs from one room to another. If you have to consider all of the furniture in your home, it’s another.

How long does installation take?

Also, you’ll need to think about the installation timeframe. You might need to adjust your game plan if you have a tight deadline and require your furniture quickly.

How big do you think your home is?

You have more options for moving furniture if you have spare rooms and a garage with two cars than if your apartment is in the middle of midtown.

What is your budget?

It’s usually a decision between money or muscle when it comes to moving furniture (and storing it). Do you have the strength to lift a couch on your own or with a friend? Is it possible to hire someone to help you? Are you able to move the item temporarily to a storage facility?

Will flooring installers move furniture?

Before moving furniture, make sure to empty all of your cabinets, drawers, and closets. Although it is not a requirement, some companies will include furniture transport in their quotes. This option can save you time and possibly even your back. It may also increase the cost of your entire installation. You’ll still need some time to get rid of personal items, even if furniture removal is included.

New Flooring Installation - What To Do With FurnitureWhat to do with furniture during Flooring Installation

After answering these questions, you’ll likely have enough information to make a decision between the following three strategies to deal with your furniture during the installation of your new flooring:

Musical chairs

Move your furniture from one room to the next while the flooring is being installed. It may be difficult to move furniture from one room to another if multiple rooms are refloored. Although it is a lot of work, the cost is not prohibitive, and your beloved armchair will never have to leave the house.

Shed Storage or Garage

You must have outside storage space to make this work. While you are putting in new floors, a shed or garage could be used as a temporary home for your furniture. To avoid any damage to your furniture, make sure the facility is waterproofed and secured. This is a very convenient alternative.

Short-Term Storage

A storage unit can be rented for a month for small projects, but it can be a great way to make your life easier. This is especially true if your home is small or you have to tile more than one room. It’s convenient, safe and secure to rent storage. There is no need to move furniture around or worry about it getting lost. You can hire someone to move your furniture if you really need to take a break.

Preparing your flooring for hardwood installation with professional removal in Melbourne.

You can follow the steps to ensure smooth and seamless installation once your furniture has been removed.

  • Remove baseboards and door frames before you start. It will make it easier for your local flooring installers to fit the flooring correctly. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have. Thorough vacuuming will make it easier to do the rest.
  • Ask your installers before you start removing your old flooring if they can do this. You may be in for a surprise under your old flooring. Multi-layered vinyl or carpet can be hard to move, and they are usually heavier than they appear.
  • After the old flooring is removed, it’s essential to ensure that the subfloor is in good condition and level before installation. For a smooth, level and perfect finish on your hardwood floor, a professional hardwood flooring installer can help you.

How to prepare for carpet installation with professional carpet removal services in Melbourne

Preparing for a new carpet is very similar to installing hardwood, but there are some differences.

  • After you have moved all your furniture, it is necessary to remove the old flooring to install your new carpet. Our wall-to-wall carpeting installation includes pull up and removal of old carpet and flooring.
  • You may be able to lay the carpet on top of vinyl or wood flooring. It’s a good idea to speak with your installer about the options available and what is best for you and your carpet.

New Flooring Installation - What To Do With FurnitureTips for Preparing Your Home before You Install Your Floor

These are some other tips that you should keep in mind before laying your new flooring.

  • Complete any home remodelling projects. Before installing a new floor, it is good to finish any remodelling projects in the room. You can protect your new floor by wrapping up any other remodelling projects ahead of time, whether a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper.
  • Large appliance maintenance . If you plan to install new flooring in a large appliances room, contact an electrician before your appointment. If your appliances have to be moved, you don’t need to worry about them scratching your floors.
  • Make sure you have plenty of masking tape and tarps. You can reduce dust buildup in your house if you expect to do a lot of sanding. To minimize dust, close all doors and cover them with plastic sheets, tarps and masking tape. Hardwood floors may require some sanding in the course of installation. If your subfloor is very rough, your installers may have to level it before installing the carpet. These simple items can help make cleaning up after an install easier.
  • Take care of your pets. When installing your new carpet, you might want to offer alternate accommodations. Strangers bringing large objects into and out of rooms and creating strange sounds and smells can cause anxiety in cats and dogs. Open doors could be an invitation to wander off. Even worse, Be aware that small animals, such as birds and rodents, can have sensitive respiratory systems. Before installing, check with your vet to ensure they are not at risk from dust or fumes. If they are, you can arrange for someone close to them to care for them until the dust settles.

After Your Flooring Installation

Is it possible to put furniture on hardwood floors that have just been installed?

You’ll be eager to decorate and add furniture to your engineered hardwood floors once they are installed. However, it is best to wait at least a few days before putting furniture on new hardwood floors. Protective pads should be placed on any metal or wooden furniture legs before placing them on the floors. To avoid scratching your floors, lift your furniture gently and don’t drag it or push it into place.

When can you put furniture on hardwood floors?

It is best to wait at least 24 hours before you step on the hardwood. Even then, we recommend wearing only socks. To allow the flooring to set correctly, wait at least four days before moving your furniture back.

Furniture Tips for Buying New Floors

These tips will help you plan for new flooring. Request a room measurement if you are thinking of updating your home or adding new flooring to it. To get an estimate from a local CarpetAce representative, you can request a free room measurement. This will help you determine the right flooring for your project and your budget.

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