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7 Beach-themed Wall Art And Décor Ideas With Flooring Trends

7 Beach-themed Wall Art And Décor Ideas With Flooring Trends

Beach-style interiors are becoming increasingly popular for their calming effect and natural aesthetic. A beach-style interior can transport you to a coastal retreat and create a relaxing environment at home. In this article, we will discuss the key elements of beach-style interior design and offer tips on how to create the perfect beach-style interior.

7 Beach-themed wall art and décor ideas

Wall art and decor are important elements in creating a beach-themed interior. They can add character, depth, and personality to your space and can help create a cohesive theme. Here are some beach-themed wall art and decor ideas to consider:

  1. Seashell art: Seashells are a popular choice for beach-themed decor. You can create your own seashell art by arranging shells in a shadow box or purchasing pre-made seashell art from a home decor store.
  2. Beach-inspired artwork: Beach-inspired artwork can add a touch of the ocean to your space. Look for paintings, prints, or photographs that feature the beach, the sea, or coastal landscapes. You can also frame vintage postcards or maps of coastal towns.
  3. Nautical accents: Nautical accents can add a classic coastal feel to your space. Look for items such as a ship’s wheel, anchor, or sailboat model. You can also use rope as a decorative element, such as wrapping it around a vase or hanging it as a wall hanging.
  4. Beach-inspired textiles: Beach-inspired textiles can add colour and texture to your space. Look for curtains, throw pillows or area rugs that feature beachy patterns such as stripes or seashells. You can also use beach towels as a colourful and practical option for upholstery or as a wall hanging.
  5. Coastal wall hangings: There are many coastal wall hangings that you can use to decorate your space. Look for items such as macrame wall hangings, driftwood sculptures, or woven tapestries that feature beachy themes.
  6. Beachcombing finds: Take your inspiration directly from the beach itself by displaying beachcombing finds such as driftwood, sea glass, and stones. You can frame sand dollars and starfish and also create a beach collage or shadow box with collected shells and trinkets.
  7. Weathered finish signs: Signs with words that evoke coastal living and feeling or weathered-finish can also make a great accent.

Ultimately, the wall art and decor you choose for your beach-themed interior should reflect your personal style and taste. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements to create a unique and cohesive look that makes you feel like you are at the beach.

Understanding Beach Style Interior

Before diving into the design elements, it’s important to understand a beach-style interior. The beach-style interior design draws inspiration from the ocean, the beach, and coastal landscapes. The style is characterized by a light and airy feel, natural materials, and a colour palette that reflects the beach and the sea.

Colour Palette

The colour palette is an essential part of beach-style interior design. The most popular colour schemes include blue and white, neutral tones, and pastel shades. Blue is the dominant colour in beach-style interiors, representing the sea and the sky.

White is used to creating a bright and airy feel and to reflect the sunlight. Neutral tones such as beige and sand complement the blue and white and create a calming effect. Pastel shades such as light pink and mint green are also used to create a soft and soothing environment.

To incorporate the colour palette into your beach-style interior, you can start by painting your walls with a light shade of blue, white, or a neutral tone. You can also add pops of colour through textiles such as curtains, pillows, and rugs. Beach-inspired artwork and photography can also add colour to your space.

Materials and Textures

Natural materials and textures characterise beach-style interiors. The most popular materials include wood, rattan, wicker, and natural fibres such as linen, cotton, and jute. These materials bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the space and create a natural aesthetic. Textures such as woven patterns, shiplap walls, and distressed finishes are also used to add depth and interest to the design.

To incorporate these materials and textures, you can start by choosing furniture made of natural materials, such as a wicker chair, a wooden coffee table, or a jute rug. You can also add texture to your walls by installing shiplap or beadboard panels. Natural fibre textiles such as linen curtains and cotton pillows can also add texture to your space.

Decor and Accessories

Decor and accessories play an important role in beach-style interior design. They add character and personality to the space and create a cohesive theme. The most popular decor and accessories for beach-style interiors include seashells, beach-inspired artwork, driftwood, and beach-themed textiles such as striped curtains and nautical rugs.

To choose decor and accessories for your beach-style interior, start by selecting a few key pieces that represent the beach and the sea, such as a seashell vase or a beach-inspired painting. You can also use textiles such as curtains and rugs to create a beach-themed look. Adding decorative pillows in different shades of blue and white can also add a touch of beach style to your space.

Bringing It All Together

To create the perfect beach-style interior, combining the different design elements is important to create a cohesive and inviting space. Start by choosing a colour palette that reflects the beach and the sea and incorporates natural materials and textures. Then add decor and accessories representing the beach and the sea, creating a cohesive theme throughout the space.

Personalising Your Beach-Style Interior

To make your beach-style interior your own, you can add personal touches that reflect your style and taste. For example, you can display family photos in beach-inspired frames or add a statement piece of artwork that represents your favourite beach destination. Personalizing your beach-style interior will make it a space in which you truly enjoy and feel comfortable.

Which flooring types work well for a coastal theme

When it comes to choosing to floor for a coastal-themed interior, you want to look for materials that are durable, practical, and have a natural feel to them. Here are some flooring types that work well for a coastal theme:

  • Hardwood: Hardwood flooring is a classic choice for a coastal theme. The natural grain and colour variations of wood can create a warm and inviting feel. Oak, maple, and bamboo are popular hardwood options for a beach house. Hardwood flooring is also easy to maintain and can last for decades.
  • Tile: Tile flooring is a practical choice for a coastal home because it’s water-resistant and easy to clean. There are many tile options to choose from, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. You can use light-coloured tiles to create a bright and airy feel or go for a beachy vibe with mosaic tiles that feature sea-inspired designs.
  • Laminate: Laminate flooring can give you the look of hardwood at a lower cost. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. Laminate flooring comes in many different colours and patterns, so you can choose one that complements your coastal theme.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is another practical and affordable option for a beach house. It’s water-resistant and easy to clean, which makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Vinyl flooring comes in many different styles, including wood and tile looks, so you can choose one that fits your coastal theme.
  • Natural fibre: If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, consider natural fibre flooring. Materials like sisal, jute, and seagrass are great for a coastal theme because they have a natural, beachy feel. Natural fibre flooring is also durable and easy to maintain.

Ultimately, the flooring you choose for your coastal-themed interior will depend on your personal style and needs. Consider the amount of traffic in the space, the durability of the flooring, and your budget when making your decision.


Creating the perfect beach-style interior is all about creating a space that reflects the beach and the sea while also feeling comfortable and inviting. By understanding the key elements of beach-style interior design, including colour palettes, natural materials, and decor and accessories, you can create a space that feels like a coastal retreat.

Whether you live by the beach or not, a beach-style interior can transport you to a relaxing and calming environment right in your own home. With these tips and ideas, you can create a beach-style interior that’s perfect for you.

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