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Which floors are the easiest to clean?

Which floors are the easiest to clean

Which floors are the easiest to clean?

The modern, often very busy lifestyle that we live in today makes it difficult for homeowners to worry about their floors. Beauty is important, but so is peace of mind from a low-maintenance floor. Here are the top flooring options for the lifestyle you desire.

Tile is Tidy

It’s easy to keep the tile clean. This is especially true in kitchens where there is a lot of foot traffic and spills every day. You can sweep up any loose dirt and mop your tile floors in no time.

Tile floors in the kitchen, bathroom or entryway should also be cleaned regularly. Any major spillages on tile should be removed immediately with a paper towel and cloth rag. If stains have set in the grout, heavy-duty mopping or scrubbing is usually necessary only when this has occurred.

Hardwood Makes it Look Easy

Hardwood floors are a popular choice for many reasons. Hardwood floors are timeless and versatile. They are also very easy to clean. Hardwood floors come with a finish.

This means that a quick dusting or vacuuming followed by dry mopping is all that’s needed to remove any residue and make your floors shine. CarpetAce has a wide range of hardwood choices.

Luxury Vinyl Gets a Clean Look

Luxury vinyl flooring is still very popular. This is not because it can be as beautiful and durable as real hardwood and stone but at a fraction of the cost. It is easy to clean luxury vinyl floors. Luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain, much like tile.

You will need to sweep or vacuum the floor, then mop or dust it.

Carpet is Clean

Carpet can have a bad reputation when it comes to cleaning. However, if you keep up with your vacuuming routine, carpet is easy to maintain. Carpet care is easy. You can vacuum your carpet multiple times per week for high traffic areas and less frequently for those areas that are less frequented by family members. Are you concerned about staining?

CarpetAce offers a wide range of carpet brands that are low-maintenance. Our carpet range is perfect for those who want to be spill-proof, pet and kid-proof.

Laminate = Low Maintenance

Laminate flooring is a similar option to vinyl flooring. It’s also very affordable and easy to clean. To keep your laminate floors looking great, you can sweep them and then mop them.

Laminate floors are partly made from fiberboard so you should avoid using water to clean them. This can sometimes cause them to warp. A dust mop is the best friend of a laminate flooring owner. If you do get a scratch on your laminate floor, a dust mop is your best friend. Use mineral oil to clean it up.

Do You Need Additional Flooring Help?

You should be captivated by beautiful new floors, but it shouldn’t take too much time to maintain them. CarpetAce offers a wide range of flooring options to suit any room and budget. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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