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What’s the Most Popular Carpet Colour?

What’s the most popular carpet colour?

Most of us don’t know. It might be because the carpet stores keep it under wraps and only reveal it at the showroom. They might even have a wall of carpet samples spread on the carpet samples section of their store. This is actually good news because you now know which carpet styles are the most popular.

Some of us don’t care about the colour of the carpet. We care about the design of it and the way it looks on the floor. When it comes to design we are a bit more discerning. Carpets come in so many shapes and sizes, and we have to make sure that the one we choose will go with the theme we have planned for our home.

This can mean having to get rid of some pastel colours we don’t care for, or it can mean having to go with a bold pattern since we really want it to stand out.

So what are the most popular carpet colours anyway? We were just looking at some carpet samples and saw that there were a bunch of dark colours like black and navy.

This made us think of our common sense, black is typically associated with night, and navy carpets are associated with ships and the navy. We immediately knew what to get for our home.

Red is another colour that’s popular. Why? Red can be a great intermediate colour. Most of us have memories of decorating with a red carpet when we were kids. Red is also associated with fire and since most fire trucks are red this would also be a great choice.

Now we need to find out which carpet styles make us the happiest. Since most people get a carpet when they first buy a house it might not matter too much which carpet style you choose. But if you’re a busy person with many children and pets then it might matter.

A lot of carpet styles involve a lot of jumping on the carpet and this could cause some accidents. For these, we would choose a carpet style that’s low to the ground.

Another question we have is why do people only pick one colour for their carpet? The answer is really quite simple. Most people will only get a carpet when their carpet is done, this way they know exactly what the colour is, and they are less likely to get something they don’t like.

We also like to match our carpets in our homes. So if we decide on a bold colour for our living room then we might also get our bedroom carpet in the same colour or we might even get our bathroom carpet in the same colour if we have a matching colour scheme.

If we’re not very picky about the carpet we get then most people will get a basic carpet. These are usually in a very light pastel shade. It all depends on the type of style you have. If you are having trouble deciding, maybe one of our carpet and flooring professionals might be able to help.

What’s the most popular carpet is a question that most people have thought about at one time or another. We may not have an exact answer for you yet, but we can at least give you some great ideas that you can use. Usually, an interior stylist can help with commercial and domestic colour schemes.

Modern style goes for simplistic colours and minimalistic designs such as black and light colours. Have a look at this link of interior design colour schemes. This may help you decide on which colour you need for your carpets.

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