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What Is Twist Pile Carpet?

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What is a twist carpet?

Twist pile carpets have tightly twisted fibres located only in cut pile carpets or carpets where there is a combination of cut & loop pile construction. Twisting the cut fibres enhances each fibre’s strength, which delivers a twist pile carpet that is highly resilient.

Twist pile carpets have a somewhat more textured, less consistent look than a plush pile carpet. An example of a well-known twist pile carpet is the Harlington Manor- 65oz Solution Dyed Nylon Twist Pile collection carpet in an enduring twist pile design. Available in a range of deluxe colours to suit any interior style, Harlington Manor’s hardwearing twist pile delivers a sleek, slightly textured finish with resistance to a whirlwind of household living.

What are the benefits of twist carpet?

Twist pile carpets are widespread in family houses because the twisted fibres’ varying positions make indents and impressions from furniture & foot traffic less noticeable. The slight texture created by twists in the fibres also hides some soiling & spots such as lint.

Twist pile carpet is like a middle ground, lying between the sleek, smooth finish of a plush pile carpet & the somewhat bumpier surface of a loop pile carpet.

With a foot in both grounds, twist pile carpet provides the benefits of both. It can quickly provide the high end, luxurious appearance of a plush carpet without being so smooth as to show every mark made upon it. It doesn’t hold the same laid back, casual style as several loop pile carpets but is just as resilient and hardwearing.

Is twist carpet durable?

Perfectly adapted to any family house, twist pile carpet is hardwearing & highly resistant to staining, crushing, & fading. A twist pile carpet in a wool fibre has natural repellents to damp & light soiling so that it can cope adequately with the rigours of family living. It also has natural buoyancy & will spring back after compression in much the equal way wool clothes do.

A synthetic twist pile carpet is engineered or created to be highly durable & has excellent stain & soil resistance. The synthetic fibres have a great memory, so they will also bounce back when crushed. Because of technological advancements in construction techniques, synthetic twist pile carpets have more high-grade resistance to fading than their woolen counterparts. All carpets should be shielded from direct sunlight, however, to increase their longevity.

What areas is twist carpet ideal for?

A carpet assembled in a twist pile arrangement is well suited to high traffic areas, such as hallways, household rooms, staircases, & active living areas. It has exceptional resilience & won’t show marks from foot traffic or furniture as readily as on a plush pile carpet.

A twist pile is equally at home in an elegant, formal living area as it has a stylish & modern finish as engaging as a plush carpet.

Twist Pile Carpets

Twist carpets are one of the most successful carpets found in Australian homes. They are created from wool, which has been tightly intertwined together. The fibres frequently have a coarse finish, giving the carpet a rustic, textured look. They come in plain or heathered styles. Marks are less inclined to show up on heathered carpets, which blend yarns of complimentary shades to produce a flecked, multicoloured effect, making them ideal for heavily utilised areas.

  • Hardwearing & easy to manage
  • Ideal for high traffic areas, including the lounge, hallway, stairs, & landing areas.
  • Available in a wide assortment of shades

The carpet that is in this class contains twisted yarns or fibres. As you shop for this variety of carpet, you will notice different levels of it, ranging from low-twist to high-twist varieties. The higher the twist, the more numerous times that the fibres have been twisted together. If you require carpet for an area that gets a lot of traffic, it is perfect since it does not show footprints regularly.

Is twist pile carpet any good?

Twist pile carpets are, in fact, a significantly diverse class of materials, so time spent in identifying those that have been well defined will be repaid by years of excellent performance. The best not only last longer, but they are also better at maintaining their initial appearance.

What does a twist pile carpet look like?

The fibres usually have a rough finish, giving the carpet a rustic, textured look. They come in plain or heathered styles.

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