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What is Timber Flooring – Your Questions Answered

timber flooring options melbourne

Timber flooring is a product of nature. It’s also regularly known as wood flooring & hardwood flooring in the market. Timber flooring is a commodity constructed from timber to give a warm & comfortable feeling underfoot. Timber flooring is built with more than 1 layer of wood.

What timber is used for flooring?

Examples of hardwoods cover mahogany, walnut, teak, oak, ash, maple & birch. The thing that each of these timbers has in common is that they all originate from deciduous trees.

What is the difference between timber flooring & laminate?

Laminate flooring is a unique multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is intended to mirror real wood. On the other hand, engineered timber flooring consists of various layers of wood or plywood elements.

How is timber flooring made?

Solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber that is oven or air dried before sawing. Depending on the floor’s sought after look, the timber can be cut in three ways: flat-sawn, quarter-sawn, & rift-sawn.

What are the advantages & benefits of wooden flooring?

Advantages of Wood Flooring

  • Durability. Wood floors, whether solid or engineered, are incredibly durable & repellent to every day wear & tear.
  • Maintenance & Hygiene. Very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Timeless & natural Style.
  • Excellent Investment for long terms projects

Is wooden flooring good?

Wooden flooring is remarkably durable, & with the right kind of care, it can last a lifetime. Apart from adding a rich, natural, and luxurious look to your home, wooden flooring will also add value to your home if you ever intend to sell it.

Which type of wooden or timber flooring is best?

The best hardwood floors are made from wood varieties that are readily available & very hard. Oak flooring, cherry flooring & maple flooring are all excellent choices. Other types include bamboo (which is actually a type of grass), walnut, ash, & mahogany.

What type of wood floor is the most economical?

Laminate floors are less costly than hardwood, so if you’re really going for “inexpensive,” this is the best option. Laminate flooring is clickable (so it’s a floating floor) & can be placed comfortably on top of tile or concrete flooring (as long as you add an underlayment).

What are the disadvantages of wooden flooring?

  • A Higher Price Tag: These floors are an investment but add value to your home.
  • Not Resistant to Humidity: Wood can be harmed by spills, standing liquids, & humidity, which is why wood floors are not recommended for areas of high moisture & humidity, such as bathrooms and laundries.

What is the most durable type of wood or timber flooring?

For the most durable hardwood flooring, invest in oak, walnut, maple, ebony, ash, or pecan. The harder the timber used in timber flooring, the better. As its dense attributes can withstand many years of exposure to the elements.

Is hardwood flooring waterproof?

No, they will damage if a pipe bursts or if the home is flooded or submerged, as will most other flooring types. Most floors will be tolerant of spills or water trailed in from outside as long as the water is wiped up quickly. Hardwood floors give homeowners several benefits over other floorings.

timber flooring options melbourne
Timber flooring ideas for the home

How much do timber floors cost?

CarpetAce Carpets & Flooring Melbourne gives you a range of timber and hardwood flooring at very reasonable costs. The price of timber and hardwood flooring depends on the type and area of the project. Check out our range of discount timber flooring on our store page or contact CarpetAce today for a free measure and quote.

Does laminate flooring devalue a home?

There is not much difference in cost & ROI(Return on Investment) among solid hardwood flooring & engineered hardwood. Still, the same isn’t right for laminate flooring. Because of its lower price sticker, laminate also won’t do much for your home’s resale worth.

How long does timber flooring last?

With the correct care & maintenance, you can anticipate a timber floor to last over a decade. We anticipate that most people will re-sand or re-coat their Timber floor on average every 10-15 years to keep them seeming like new.

Are wooden floors cheaper than tiles?

Hardwood floors are usually more expensive than tile. Though it can vary broadly in price based on what style & type of tile you select, tile flooring is usually less costly than hardwood flooring. For instance, costs go up if you prefer glazed tiles above unglazed tiles.

Do wood floors increase home value?

Hardwood floors can also increase home value & resale value by 3-5%. This makes them a winning prospect for anyone contemplating selling their house in the near future. Nevertheless, even if you don’t plan on relocating any time soon, hardwood floors may still be a solid investment.

What are the 12 main benefits of wood flooring?

Below we’ve posted out twelve reasons why you would benefit from placing hardwood flooring in your house.

  • Enhances the Look of Your Home by adding a natural and modern style.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Strong and durable, also long-lasting.
  • Adds Resale Value to Your Home or place of residence.
  • Better Air Quality.
  • Looks great in any house interior style or theme.
  • Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective.
  • Colour Doesn’t Fade.

What are the pros & cons of hardwood flooring?

Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring

  • Advantages of Hardwood Flooring. A long-term investment. A large variety. Quality is important. Easy maintenance & hygiene. Healthy air quality in your home. More suitable for babies. Good acoustics.
  • Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring. Pricier than a lot of other flooring types. Prone to termites. Avoid water contact. Scratching.

What are the best places in The Home For Timber Flooring?

Timber flooring is best suited for high traffic areas and rooms with high moisture or high humidity content, such as bathrooms and laundry.

You have to consider noise pollutions in such spaces as second-story rooms or units and apartments. However, timber flooring placed in these areas can be sound limited by adding underlay or padding underneath the flooring.

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