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What is the best type of flooring for high traffic areas?

What is the best type of flooring for high traffic areas

What is the best type of flooring for high traffic areas?

If deciding on flooring for your home, one of the first questions you should contemplate is the volume of foot traffic the room sees. Is it the main roadway in your house, joining the entrance to your living spaces or bedrooms? Is it an area where family and friends like to converge, like the kitchen or lounge room?

These kinds of spaces that see a lot of foot traffic require the appropriate flooring to manage the extra wear and tear. Here we discuss the best flooring for high traffic, as well as the pros and cons of several flooring materials.


Carpet brings cosiness and warmth to your home and is usually a more cost-effective option. Still, it tends to be more susceptive to wear and tear over the years, with the fibres pilling or bald spots appear.

Discovering The Best Carpet For High Traffic Areas

If your spirit is set on utilising carpet, though, some types of carpet are more adapted to high-traffic areas. Nylon carpet, for instance, is exceptionally durable, making it a great carpet choice for hallways and stairs.
Level loop pile carpets serve to be hard-wearing and are less prone to getting crushed underfoot, although if you have pets, they may catch threads in their claws. Tip sheared pile is another favourite choice, as it presents a level, smooth finish while also hiding footprints.

Timber Flooring

A clear choice when it comes to discovering durable flooring for high-traffic areas is wooden. The best type of hardwood floor, installed accurately, can endure for decades.

The solid nature of timber flooring means that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still sustaining its classic, stylish surface. Nevertheless, timber floors also need the care to keep them looking their best. Suppose you see the flooring dropping its glossy shine in high-traffic spaces. In that case, you may need to buff or recoat the floor to preserve its durability and moisture resistance.

Be sure to ask our specialist team at CarpetAce about the wear zone on our different timber products to discover the best choice for your home.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is reliable and hard-working in the world of durable flooring, being both hard-wearing and more cost-effective than timber flooring. It contains layers of laminated wood dressed with resin for moisture resistance. One of the most valuable parts of laminate flooring is the sheer variety of options for appearance. Laminate flooring is coated with a high-resolution graphic print, meaning that it can be tailored to accommodate a broad array of colour schemes and provide the formation of wood or a stone surface.

Over the cover of the printed surface is a transparent, very durable wear layer, which also provides laminate flooring its water-resistant properties. Great for kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas of the home. For high-traffic areas of the house, enquire concerning laminate flooring with a deeper wear layer, such as 12-15 millimetres.

Vinyl Flooring

One of the best elements when it comes to finding flooring that is both comfortable, fashionable, and able to handle heavy foot movement is vinyl. Simple to install, vinyl flooring is soft under your feet, an added reward if applied in a busy area of the home.

Vinyl comes in various shades and effects, from rustic wood to classic tile, making it ideal for anywhere from the kitchen to the dining room areas. Vinyl maintenance is also reasonably straightforward, needing minimum moisture or mopping. Just dust and vacuum, or use vinyl-specific cleaning products as advised.

To decrease the amount of vacuuming or dusting, it’s also a great idea to use colourfast walk-off mats at any entrance points to your home, enabling the majority of outdoor dirt and grit to be pulled up by the rug rather than scattered across your floor. If you have pets, make sure their nails are kept clipped to minimise the risk of marks.

Searching For Hard Wearing and Durable Flooring For Your Home?

Suppose the flooring you have now requires an update or replacement or is starting to show its age, or you just want to have new flooring installed. In that case, it’s time to talk to the specialist team at CarpetAce. In addition to possessing a wide range of flooring options from their mobile showroom, our team will be ready to help lead you to the most suitable product for your needs.

If you see anything you like any products in our carpet store, contact us, and we will come to you. This includes one of our representatives bringing your chosen samples to your home, enabling you to get a concept of how they’ll look once fitted, as well as providing you with a free measure and quote.

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