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The 5 Major Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

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Five Major Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

The type of flooring you choose is a major decision when designing your home or interiors. There are many options, including tiles, vinyl, laminate and tiles. This can be overwhelming.

Your living spaces should flow smoothly, but what about areas such as the kitchen where spills will occur on a regular basis? Or the inevitable scratches from pets, children, and furniture. Introducing…hybrid flooring.

Continue reading to learn why this innovative flooring option is so popular right now and our top 5 reasons you should include it in your next project!

Hybrid flooring is a combination of wood and tile.

It’s possible you have seen it on our Instagram account, or if you have been to a flooring centre recently, you will have heard of hybrid flooring. What is hybrid flooring? There are actually four layers to a single plank of hybrid flooring.

  • Top surface layer — Provides durability against scratches, spills etc
  • ‘Timber Layer’ — Advanced printing technology is used to create a timber grain pattern and colour.
  • Waterproof layer — This waterproof layer is 100% waterproof and can withstand extreme temperature changes.
  • Acoustic layer — Provides more comfort underfoot and softens the sounds

This is how you create a new flooring type that’s both durable and beautiful.

It’s Kitchen-Proof

We are often asked the question, “Should my floorboards be extended into my kitchen?” What about spills? The thought of ruining your new floor by a spilt sink or another unforeseen event is a nightmare for any renovator.

This is why hybrid flooring was created. It has waterproof technology that makes it perfect for areas such as the kitchen and butler’s pantry. You can easily continue your flooring in an open-plan home by extending it throughout the space. This helps you keep your design cohesive and modern without worrying.

It’s Human-Proof

A timber floor is a great choice if you are like us. It is warm and tactile and can bring the outdoors inside our homes. However, any scratch or scuff will be there forever and it can be costly to replace damaged planks. Hybrid flooring is a way to get the look and feel of traditional timber floors without making them expensive.

A hybrid plank’s top layer is durable enough to withstand any household damage, including those inevitable scratches and dents. Your floors won’t be damaged by furry family members with four-legged pets. Hybrid hardwood has another advantage over traditional hardwood: it is resistant to UV rays so there won’t be any faded patches when you rearrange your furniture.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Cleaning is a necessary part of daily life. But with hybrid floors, you will be surprised at how easy it is to maintain. Specialist cleaning products can be referred to as wax or polish, but a simple sweep or vacuum will suffice to keep your floors in top condition every day.

You can even use a mop to make your hybrid floors shine, as they are waterproof. Hybrid planks are easy to connect, so dirt won’t get in between them. This allows you to focus on the important things in your life.

Get the Timber Look

Timber flooring is a beautiful flooring option that has remained in demand over the years despite changing trends and styles. However, cost and durability can be a problem for households with children, pets, or those who aren’t too interested in the upkeep.

The use of advanced technology to reproduce the timber grains and tones in hybrid flooring has made it a great choice. GAT Flooring, our preferred supplier of hybrid flooring, offers a wide range of styles that you can use in your home. Every plank of hybrid flooring is crafted with realistic grain and knot details, making it a warm option for your home and design projects.

Saves you dollars!

Hybrid flooring is also affordable. Hybrid planks can be made from a mixture of plastic, limestone, or wood and are a cost-effective alternative to timber tiles or tiles.

A click-lock installation makes it easy to lay a hybrid floor faster and more economical. Hybrid flooring can also be installed directly on top of an existing floor. This reduces the time and costs associated with preparation and installation. There’s nothing better than that!

If you are after quality hybrid flooring products in the Melbourne area, look no further than CarpetAce’s range of laminate and vinyl flooring options for home and commercial properties.

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