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7 Signs You Need To Replace Carpet

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Do you see your carpet every day? It can be difficult to see the little differences over time. So to aid you to assess the state of your flooring, we’ve put together our top traits to look out for when determining if it is time to replace your carpet.

Here are several of the signs that your carpet might require replacing:

You Can’t Hide The Stains

A house is not intended to be looked at, it’s intended to be lived in. While this is all well and good when it comes to creating a space of your own, it can also indicate that your carpet takes a hit over the years by accidental spills and stains. Luckily, if you act quick enough, many stains can be removed or reduced, but some unyielding patches can be near-impossible to get rid of, particularly when you use DIY carpet cleaning techniques.

Over the years, this ends in finding more creative ways to conceal stains from decorative rugs to indoor shrubs, but if you’re getting to the time where you’re running out of rugs to cloak the wear and tear, it might be time for a replacement.

It Stills Smell, Even After You Clean It

There’s nothing worse than getting home to smelly carpet. Even if you get rid of the noticeable stain, there are some substances where it’s more difficult to eradicate the evidence. This is usually the case for homes with pets – even if you spot clean little mishaps straight away, sometimes the smell can persist, implying that the odour may have seeped more deeply into the carpet fibres, or even worse, into the underlay.

The Flooring Has Matting or Bald Patches

Carpets see a lot of use across the years – particularly if you have kids who like to exercise their cricket bowling skills down the corridor or hall, or who like to use the living room for dance recitals. Over time, this can result in your carpet becoming thin or matted, notably in high-traffic areas. Polyester carpets tend to be somewhat more prone to matting, and often cannot be renewed.

It Is Not As Soft As What It Used To Be

One of the key advantages of picking carpet over other flooring options is the soft cushioning underneath your feet. The layer of cushion beneath the surface of your carpet is what makes this achievable, helping with both comfort and acoustics. Bumpy carpeting, as well as carpet that seems like you’re walking on ruthless concrete, can be signs that the condition of the padding isn’t everything it should be.

Moist and Damp

Water damage is a carpet’s most dangerous enemy, leaving unyielding stains as well as a lingering damp odour. Hold an eye out for potential signs of mould and mildew, as well as a musty odour – this can be a sign that it’s time to replace your carpeting.

More Allergic Reactions Such As Sniffles & Sneezes

Older carpets can be a hotspot of dust, pollen, mites and different allergens that are less than ideal for any individual with allergies. Even with routine cleaning, you may find that your carpet is the cause of more stuffy noses and sneezes at home due to ageing carpet fibres and materials.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Whether you’re looking to revive your home or you’re looking to sell, antiquated or faded carpet can drastically age a location, despite your additional furnishings. You deserve to come homeward to a space that is inviting and attractive, in line with your styles and tastes and today’s high design criteria.

How Often Should Carpet Be Replaced?

It depends on the nature of the residential carpet you have in place, as well as the basis for replacing it. In a common home of 2-4 residents, you can anticipate seeing carpet fibres starting to show more serious signs of fraying and ageing after around 3-5 years. Nevertheless, this lifespan can be impacted by whether you have young children or pets.

It’s essential to identify that good maintenance can make all the difference – some individuals only have to replace their carpets every 10 years!

What Is the Next Step In Carpet Replacement?

Once you’ve chosen to bid goodbye to your old carpet, you can get in touch with CarpetAce – The Carpet Professional In Melbourne. We include everything from in-home consultations and quotes to carpet installation. You can also inspect our range online.

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