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How to Shampoo the Carpet Inside Your Car Like a Professional

How to Shampoo the Carpet Inside Your Car Like a Professional

How to shampoo the carpet inside your car like a professional

Do you have a difficult time keeping your carpet clean inside your car? Have no fear. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your car’s carpet and upholstery are always looking and smelling their best.

1) Vacuum

Run the vacuum over your car interior regularly for the best results, simply put, the more frequently you drive the more often you should be doing this. This will help lift dirt and other types of grime off the surface of the fibres, preventing them from getting ground into the carpet pile or settling deeper into the carpet pad or foam support underneath. Consistency is key to avoid these contaminants from breeding and penetrating further into your carpet fibres. It will also prevent stains from forming in high-traffic areas by removing soil before setting in. Use a vacuum cleaner with suction control to achieve maximum impact without damaging your carpet fibres.

2) Shampoo regularly as needed

Shampooing the carpet is generally only required every few months, so if it’s been a while since your last shampooing, you can expect to need to clean your carpets soon. Especially since you are always wearing your shoes inside the car, this would be a mandatory process that should not be neglected. The shampooing frequency depends mostly on foot traffic in the area and how often you have pets shedding fur or drooling. You should aim to have this completed by a professional car detailer to ensure maximal results.

3) Ensure a good dilution with shampoo and agitate

The shampoo is formulated to work with water and it is key that you get the dilution correct. Getting the water to the right dilution will create lots of suds that will lift dirt out of the carpet fibres instead of spreading them around into a dirty residue that needs further vacuuming after washing has occurred. If you don’t feel comfortable with this step, hire a professional.

4) Wipe down/Extract thoroughly after shampooing

Once you’ve washed your carpet, make sure to wipe it completely by first revisiting the area with your vacuum cleaner and removing any excess suds that might still be hanging around on the surface of the fibres. Then, take an extra-large squeegee or dry mop and run it over the entire area until no more water is coming out. If there are heavy chunks of fallen dirt in high-traffic areas, use a soft-bristled brush to loosen them up before continuing the squeegee sweep.

5) Here’s how to remove stains

Now comes the fun part! Ready for some spot cleaning? The best way to remove stains from the carpet is to use a spray-on shampoo or APC. Spray the affected area, agitate it with a scrub brush (if necessary), and blot dry using paper towels or rags. You may need to repeat this process more than once for tough stains. In addition, you can also try using a carpet cleaner machine for larger areas or stubborn stains.

6) Let air dry

Once you’ve removed stains from your carpet fibres, let them air dry until they are completely dry before walking on them again. This will allow the dirt trapped deep in the carpet pile or pad to come up into the top layers so it can be easily vacuumed away.

In conclusion, always seek to have your carpets regularly cleaned for a clean car interior. If you are serious about keeping it in top shape, then you really must consider the advice of applying car fabric protection to your car interior.

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