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How to Get Sand Out of Car Carpet? (Step by Step)

How to Get Sand Out of Car Carpet (Step by Step)

How to Get Sand Out of Car Carpet? (Step by Step)

Having sand in your car’s carpet can be an annoying and persistent problem, especially if you are visiting a beach and are using a car rental service. Using car hire brings another responsibility of keeping the car in shape and clean as it was when you picked it or nothingness you will have to bear the load of extra charges. If, despite all the measures, you are unlucky to keep the car clean, you must now know how to get sand out of the car carpet.

To remove sand from your car carpet, first use a coarse bristled horsehair or upholstery brush to dislodge large fragments, followed by vacuuming. Give the car a final squeaky clean touch with a microfiber cloth or fabric softener sheet to pick the tiny micro-size sand particles, fur, and hair from nooks and carpets. Let’s jump into more detail.

For this article, we have collaborated with Luky, the owner of Territory Car Rentals, who maintains a large rental fleet in Darwin. Luky and his team often face the issue of sand in their rental cars’ carpets. Drawing from his extensive experience, Luky has shared a systematic approach to ensure thorough cleaning.

In this comprehensive guide, we will share Luky’s step-by-step instructions on how to effectively remove sand from car carpets. From basic preparation to specialized techniques, we have got you covered!

Gathering the Cleaning Supplies

Before you start, ensure you have the following supplies:

Basic Sand Removal Techniques

Brushing and Scrubbing

Using a coarse-bristle brush, gently scrub the carpet surface to loosen sand particles. Be gentle so you do not damage the carpet fibres. Brushing in multiple directions will help dislodge hidden sand from different angles.


Now thoroughly vacuum the car’s carpet, focusing on the areas with the most sand. Use different attachments to reach tight corners and crevices. Repeat this process until you have removed the majority of loose sand.

Shaking and Beating

To make sure you have removed all the sand particles, take out your removable car mats and vigorously shake them outside the car to dislodge loose sand. Similarly, gently beat the mats against a solid surface to release embedded and hidden particles.

Advanced Cleaning Methods

Using a Wet-Dry Vacuum

If your car carpet is damp or if wet sand is sticking to it, using a wet-dry vacuum can be effective. Ensure the vacuum is appropriate for wet surfaces and you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Steam Cleaning

If you are short on time, steam cleaners are powerful tools for deep cleaning car carpets. It does more than just clean the surface; it sucks the debris sunken into the carpet. However, be cautious not to saturate the carpet excessively.

Carpet Cleaner or Shampoo

For stubborn sand stains or soiled areas, use a good known carpet cleaner or shampoo. Apply the cleaner and gently scrub the affected area with a brush, followed by a thorough rinse to remove any remaining residue.

Specialized Techniques for Stubborn Sand

Compressed Air Blowing

Using a canister of compressed air, face the nozzle towards the sand-infested areas. The high-pressure air will help dislodge and blow away the sand particles. Ensure you work section by section and do not direct the air towards sensitive components or vents.


For sticky or stubborn sand, you can try freezing it with cold tools to make it easier to remove. Place ice cubes or an ice pack in a plastic bag and apply it to the affected area. The cold temperature will harden the sand, making it easier to brush or vacuum away afterwards.

Sticky Lint Rollers

Lint rollers with adhesive sheets are great for picking up fine sand particles. Roll the sticky surface over and over again on the carpet, focusing on the areas with visible sand. Replace the adhesive sheets as needed, and repeat until the majority gunk is cleaned.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Sand Buildup

Territory Car Rentals additionally shares three main preventive measures to keep a check on your bill at the end of your trip and ensure car carpet cleanliness throughout the journey.

Floor Mats and Liners

Invest in high-quality, fitted floor mats or liners to protect your car’s carpet from sand and other debris leaching in. Go for mats with deep grooves to trap sand effectively. Try regular removal and cleaning to prevent sand buildup.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly vacuum your car’s interior to prevent sand from embedding deep into the carpet fibres. A quick vacuuming session after each sandy outing can significantly reduce sand accumulation.

Proper Car Habits

Avoid the transfer of sand in the first place. Shake out sandy items before placing them in the car, brush off excess sand from clothing and shoes, and use designated beach towels or blankets to minimize sand transfer.


With the steps and techniques outlined in this guide, you can effectively remove sand from your car’s carpet, ensuring a clean and sand-free return to the owner. Remember to clean the car before returning it and take preventive measures to minimize future sand buildup and maintain a well-maintained car. By being consistent with your cleaning routine, you can keep your car’s carpet free from sand and enjoy a comfortable and pristine driving experience to the beach.