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How to best protect flooring from indoor plants

How to best protect flooring from indoor plants

How to best protect flooring from indoor plants

The majority of plants are low-maintenance pets. Although they may not have the same attitude and enjoy belly rubs as dogs, they can still cause havoc. Your floors are often the most affected by plant-related mess.

Make Your Floors and Plants Happy

The best pots for plants are unglazed clay terracotta clay pots. This means that the bottom is well-drained. You should also ensure that your pot has a saucer. This will make sure that any water you spill on your floor does not get caught in your saucer.

Saucers are often not sufficient, despite best efforts. Porous pots, such as those made from terracotta clay, are dangerous for plants. This porous material can become wet if water is poured into the pot and then drained into a saucer. This can lead to water rings and possibly wood floor rotting. You can keep your floors dry with plastic trays, cork coasters or hanging plants.

Don’t Drag Plants

No matter if your floors are tile, laminate, carpet or hardwood, you should avoid dragging plants across them. This will reduce scratches, scuffs and stains. You can also use a friend to lift heavy plants or a small wooden dolly to transport them. These are both great options and attractive design elements.

Too much water can cause damage to plants and floors

Overwatering plants can be dangerous, even if you have the best intentions. It could lead to water leaking from your saucer onto the floor. Waterproof floors are also available to solve this problem. Even if you try your best to remove plant mess, sometimes water can get trapped under cork coasters and plastic trays. This can lead to watermarks. Waterproof flooring can handle excessive plant water damage without any problems.

Plants Offer More Than Just Cute

Even though they can be messy, plants have many benefits. They make great decorations and bring life and joy to your home. They can reduce stress and increase concentration. A pet plant is an excellent option when you are looking for a pet.

We are the Flooring Experts

The CarpetAce professionals can help you find the right flooring for your plants. Ask us about our mobile flooring showroom that comes to your doorstep with the best quality carpet and flooring products for residential and commercial properties.

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