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How often should you replace carpet?

when to replace old carpets

8 Carpet Symptoms That Tell You Its Time For New Carpets

Are you considering replacing your carpet? Having a difficult time convincing the spouse or the landlord that it’s about time? Flooring is one of the first things in a house or business, guests, customers and possible homebuyers see when stepping into a premises.

They can make a considerable impact, sometimes for the worst. Here are the top 8 symptoms: it’s time to get rid of that old carpet and exchange it out for something new.

Water Damage and Mold

Water damage and mould are obvious indicators that you require new carpeting. Water stains are ugly and hard to get rid of. Water damage can be produced by leaking pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, or roofs in multi-story homes and can even lead to mould and mildew spots.

Always make sure you observe your water pipes for leaks that can cause water contamination.

Mould can be dangerous to you and your families’ health. At worst, it can be deadly to those with asthma and severe mould hypersensitivities. In those who are allergic, mould can produce hay-fever like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and red eyes.

It can also develop rather suddenly, particularly in warm, dark areas. The best way to stop mould issues is by regular examination.

Look for green, white or dark stains that develop and change shape or a musty, stale odour that won’t go away no matter what you do or how much you clean. Purchase a mould testing kit to be sure you have mould in your carpet.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear on carpeting can cause a house look trashy and dirty, no matter how clean it is.

Tears, worn spots that are nearly see-through, matting, fraying, and flat sections are all typical signs of a carpet’s age and most of the time can’t be stopped.

Carpet fibres frequently become matted and frayed in just 3-5 years. A carpet can only be required to last 5-15 years from installation, so if your carpet is beginning to look a little beat-up, then it’s a reasonable time to renew it.

Spaces that see the most wear and tear are regularly the hallways, stairs, and living areas. For businesses, it’s their offices, hallways, and reception areas. You can see the best flooring for business here and the best flooring for homes here.


If your carpet is stained past saving, it might be worth your time to stop covering stains with space rugs and furniture and start shopping for new carpeting.

Stains are regularly just the result of natural wear and tear. However, mishaps do happen, and if they occur with red wine, mustard, or coffee, good luck getting it out.

A dirty carpet is a depreciated or devalued home, so if you plan to sell or rent, it’s sound to replace!

To get a longer life out of a stained carpet, hire a carpet cleaner or other carpet cleaning business, or call a trained professional to have your carpet shampooed.


The first point people notice about your home when they wander in is the smell, and old carpet indeed has its own unique aroma.

when to replace old carpetsFeet, dirt, allergins and food stains can cause a carpet to smell funky following years of buildup. If your carpet smells and you’ve tried everything to get the smell out, it’s time to replace the old carpet with new carpet.

CarpetAce, Melbournes best carpet and flooring business can bring your home or business back to life. You can find out how much it costs to carpet a room here.


Carpeting is only meant to last between 5-15 years. Most people don’t replace their carpet that usually, particularly landlords who are trying to save cash. How many of us really know how old the carpet in our house really is?

The prime places to show age will be the most traffic areas, hallways, walkways, and access points. If you believe that yours is starting to get old, and is displaying its age, it’s time to restore or replace it.


Maybe your carpet is just out of fashion, or you’d like to refresh a room for a fresh appearance. That 70’s shag carpet might have seemed good 40 years ago, but will quickly date a room and put all your other decorating attempts to waste.

This is also something you should reconsider if you’re going to be marketing your home anytime shortly. Potential buyers and renters like to see new carpet in a house and are prepared to pay a lot more for something modern and in fashion.

Make sure you look into regional flavours and tastes. Check with your neighbours to see what’s stylish in your neighbourhood, or ask a local decorator.


Carpets catch on to allergens like sponges. Dirt, dust, pollen, mites and lots of other discomfort-causing items are hiding in carpets, and no matter how frequently or meticulously you clean your carpet, they will find their way in there.

Regular cleaning is vital to sustaining good hygiene and health in a house or business with carpet. Still, a carpet can only be cleaned and washed so many occasions before it starts to wear, and even the most meticulous cleaning can leave allergens behind.

It’s essential to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year to sustain your carpet’s lifespan, but keep in mind that cleaning it too frequently can shorten its lifespan.

Old Padding

The padding or underlay beneath your carpet can diminish and age just like the carpet over it.

It can flatten, get dirty, and get dirt and grime ground into it, wrecking the carpet above.

The carpet padding lifespan depends on the stock, but the best padding urethane only lasts around 25 years. Just like with carpet, the more movement on the pad, the lower its lifespan.

With proper maintenance and cleaning methods, a carpet can last a very long time. Nevertheless, even with reasonable care, a carpet can begin to look dated and old following just a few years.

Ultimately, use your best discretion when it comes to replacing your carpet. Keep in mind the age, and probably the selling potential of a particular carpet before making your arrangement to replace it.

Contact an expert to find out what replacement carpet is most suitable for your lifestyle and your family.

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