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Great Wall To Wall Carpet Decorating Ideas

carpet colour combinations

Wall to wall carpeting, also known as seamless carpeting, is a carpet meant to cover an entire room or space. A large variety of wall to wall carpets is available in many colours, materials and textures. Wall to wall carpet prices is often determined by the material and the design that one desires. High-end wall to wall carpets is made using materials like silk, satin or wool. Most walls to wall carpets are installed by professional carpet filters and installers.

One common mistake with wall to wall carpet is its tendency to display an unnatural sheen or tone. Some people have this problem when they use the wall to wall carpeting in neutral tones such as white, beige, cream, and ivory. The most common effect is a dull, lifeless wall to wall carpet. A solution to this problem is to apply an unbiased light or colour to the wall to produce contrasting and more exciting tones.

Interior design tips and colour combinations for carpet

Some recommended colours for neutral carpet tones are:

Pink Carpets – a traditional favourite that evokes feelings of childhood. Pink wall to wall carpeting comes in a rich, soft plush fabric with a subtle sheen. The feel of a soft plush rug against the skin can be very comforting and inviting. To give the pink a little more of a kick, a light pink accent wall-to-wall carpeting can brighten up the room by mixing in with your other decorations. This colour combination works especially well in rooms that are more boyish in nature.

pink carpet colour combinations

Pink is A very feminine colour and reminds us of the young girls’ bedrooms. In pink, the colours are usually related to the season in which the carpet is placed. Spring and summer walls will be shaded by the lighter shade of pink; winter tones will be achieved by the deeper shade of grey. Use a delicate fabric to ensure this lovely feminine touch in your rooms.

Violet Grey Carpets – a colour that evokes a romantic sense of mystery and intrigue. The colours of violet and grey evoke images of forbidden love, sophistication and luxury. The unique, light feel of the two colours will certainly make a romantic setting feels like a castle. You might consider pairing this wall to wall carpet with creamy white bedroom linen, along with a feminine rug.

violet gray carpet colour combinationsGreen Grey Carpets – a fresh, earthy tone that is both vibrant and calming. Green wall to wall carpet feels natural in almost any environment, but it has its own unique character when it is used in a neutral tone. The best colours to use for this wall covering are light green (versus dark green or navy blue), light grey (versus grey, it is a neutral colour), soft yellow, and soft peach. Use a neutral carpet cleaner to maintain this clean, fresh tone.

green gray carpet colour combinationsBeige Carpets – a neutral undertone that is slightly richer than pink. A combination of beige and grey produce a great effect. Beige will blend well with grey, pink or green. This colour combination will also compliment a bedding collection where the darker, more feminine tones complement the softer, more sensual tones.

beige carpet colour combinationsGrey and Pink Carpets – a dual effect, using different undertones. The green-grey combination will bring out the softness of the pink, giving the walls a softer look. This effect can be achieved with either a pink beige carpet or a grey carpet. Grey carpeting is more bold and dramatic than pink beige. If you are interested in both these colours, try a combination of these colours, using varying amounts of emphasis on each.

grey and pink carpets carpet colour combinationsViolet Grey and Green – a combination that is subtle but beautiful. Using violet grey and green tones together, the walls are softened and balanced. Grey carpeting is a bit richer than green or pink so it can create an effect of depth. Green and pink tones complement the darker beige, which in turn adds depth and dimension. Using the carpet in the bedrooms and dining room will create a beautiful effect that is very warm and inviting.

violet grey and green carpet colour combinationsColour Blocks – using two different undertones of the same colour will help you achieve great results. Try using the largest sample of the wall to wall carpet for a focal point. Then use smaller, more detailed samples around this to create softer tones. Creating layers will add depth to the design so you can layer in more colours and embellishments.

Bossy Beige and Pink – Use the same wall to wall carpet colours but in a different shade, the contrast can be stunning. You can use either colour for bedrooms and dining rooms but make sure you use the right combination of the two. Using a palette with different shades of the same colour can lead to colour mixing, which could lead to streaking or uneven patches. You may also find that you want to play around with different schemes on your wall to wall carpet to achieve a unique look that is very modern.

beige and pink carpet colour combinations

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