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Evaluating Your Requirements Before Your New Commercial Flooring Is Installed

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Evaluating Your Requirements Before Your New Commercial Flooring Is Installed

You may be contemplating a change in your commercial flooring for whatever reasons you have. Whether the move is required to fix an issue or just to improve the atmosphere of your business, you must evaluate your needs before the installation process takes place. What are your Requirements? Define your needs by asking yourself the following questions:

How does my current flooring circumstances affect the installation of my future flooring?

You need to ask yourself this question for various purposes. The first one, the type of flooring you currently possess, will affect the amount of time it will take to achieve the full extent of the installation plan.
For instance, carpeting is easily liftable and replaced, while removing ceramic tile is a more lengthy, slow process. The amount of time your daily organisational procedures will be placed on hold will vary accordingly on your current flooring.

Do I plan on remodelling anything else within my facility?

Mainly if you are replacing your flooring in attempting to create a new look for the new year, you should choose what you want to be changed before your flooring is installed.

For instance, if you want to adjust the colour of your walls to go in accordance with your commercial flooring selection, decide and create a calendar that allows the painting design to be done beforehand. Painting after your flooring is placed will not only up the risk of the flooring getting stained but will also require you to pay more time and money on protective covers to shield your new carpet or flooring.

What requires to be removed, and how will it be removed?

DO NOT decide this the evening before your instalment date. Ensure you accurately assess what needs to be moved or removed from the building and what you will need to remove (size, weight, etc.).

If you determine this at the last minute, it may result in a state where you are not prepared, and unforeseen costs may occur. Failure to think ahead may also make you ask your employees to assist at the last minute. The difficulty isn’t that they wouldn’t be happy to help. The problem is that they could get injured, so it is regularly best to have a plan.

Before any installation process commences, you must specify the necessary pre-installation work required to execute the job correctly and efficiently. Poor pre-installation preparation can result in numerous difficulties for your organisation, including:

  • Delay of organisational / system-level tasks for an unacceptable amount of time
  • Employee / stakeholder / customer injury happens
  • Breach of the Department of Health’s building regulations
  • Wasted time and cash
  • Stress and worry

How do these issues occur? For numerous reasons like the cases mentioned above. For the most optimal result, make sure you have discussed every detail included in the planning and implementing of your new commercial flooring installation.

From commercial flooring materials, choices to pre-work and flooring installations, CarpetAce is with you each step of the way!

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