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Engineered Timber Flooring: The Solution for Sustainable and Affordable Floors

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Are you seeking a cost-effective, environmentally friendly flooring solution combining style and substance? Your search ends here with CarpetAce’s exquisite range of engineered timber flooring. 

Whether for your home or business, our flooring options epitome elegance and sustainability. As experts in high-quality flooring, we offer a wide range of options that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What is Engineered Timber Flooring? Why Use Them to Elevate Your Home-interior?

Engineered timber flooring has been gaining popularity over the years due to its affordability and durability. 


This flooring variant consists of multiple layers of high-quality plywood topped with a thin layer of hardwood. The hardwood layer is made of the same wood species as traditional solid hardwood flooring, which allows it to look and feel almost identical. However, the additional layers below the hardwood layer make it more stable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes.


Let’s understand the benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring and take your space to new heights with style. 

  1. Authentic Look and Feel: A hardwood layer offers the same natural texture and beauty as solid hardwood flooring without the high cost.
  2. Excellent Stability: Engineered timber flooring is more stable than solid hardwood flooring. The layers it’s constructed from make it more moisture-resistant, reducing the risk of warping or cupping.
  3. Premium Look and Feel: Engineered timber flooring is available in various styles and finishes, making it easy to integrate into any home décor. With wider floorboards it brings out the natural texture and beauty of wood.
  4. Sustainable Production: The engineered timber flooring manufacturing process is more sustainable than traditional hardwood production, using less energy and making it an environmentally friendly option. It’s also termite-resistant, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals during treatment.
  5. Cost Saving: Compared to solid hardwood, engineered timber flooring is more cost-effective due to its construction method and availability. Moreover, it boasts effortless installation, resulting in significant cost savings by avoiding pricey installation fees.
  6. Good for Health: Engineered timber flooring is easy to clean, maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. It doesn’t harbour microorganisms and is perfect for households with young children or family members with allergies.

Why Choose CarpetAce Engineered Timber Flooring?

As a trusted supplier and installer of timber flooring, CarpetAce is committed to providing our clients with the best possible products and services. With over 25 years of experience, we confidently deliver the latest flooring solutions.

Our range of engineered timber flooring is a testament to our commitment to excellence and has significantly contributed to our esteemed position in this industry. Moreover, there are several other compelling reasons to count on us: 

  • 25-Year Structural Warranty: 

Our exquisite engineered timber flooring solutions are meticulously crafted for long-lasting durability. We proudly offer our valued clients a 25-year structural warranty, ensuring peace of mind and utmost floor protection.

  • 10-Year Residential Limited Warranty: 

We offer a 10-year residential limited warranty to ensure your engineered timber floors stay in top condition for years.

  • 5-Year Commercial Limited Warranty: 

For our commercial clients, we offer a 5-year limited warranty. This ensures that our engineered timber flooring solutions meet the demands and requirements of commercial spaces.

  • 100% Water-Resistant: 

Our engineered timber flooring solutions are entirely water-resistant, eliminating the risk of water damage and moisture-related problems. This exceptional feature makes it perfect for high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Easy to Clean: Our meticulously crafted timber flooring solutions offer effortless cleaning and maintenance. By doing so, we minimise our clients’ time and effort dedicated to preserving the pristine condition of their floors.

  • Quiet Under Foot: 

The construction of engineered timber flooring solutions makes them quieter underfoot than solid hardwood flooring. Our clients can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in their homes or offices.

  • Matte Finish: 

With a matte finish, this engineered timber flooring solution exudes an alluring charm. The non-reflective surface reduces glare, delivering a visually pleasing appeal for our clients’ floors.

  • Guaranteed Work: 

Our team of qualified installers guarantees the highest quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on excellent after-sales service, and our team is always ready to assist with any issues after installation.

Experience the Ease of CarpetAce’s Mobile Showroom Service Today

At CarpetAce, we understand the hassle of visiting multiple stores to find the right flooring solution. That is why we offer a mobile showroom service, where we come to you with our flooring solutions, saving you time and effort.

With excellent service, expert advice, and top-quality flooring solutions, CarpetAce is the perfect choice for engineered timber flooring solutions that offer quality, affordability, and sustainability. 

Call us for easy information and to schedule a mobile showroom visit today!