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The Cost Of Vinyl Flooring In Melbourne – The Best Prices

cost of vinyl flooring melbourne

Luckily, installing good-looking, durable and high-quality floors in your house doesn’t have to be a vastly costly difficulty anymore. Floating floor installation and low-cost materials such as vinyl boards, planks and tiles mean gorgeous new floors can be yours at no excessive price.

Just how much does vinyl flooring cost?

The Average Vinyl Flooring Cost

The average vinyl flooring supply and installation costs vary from $50 per square metre to $70 per square metre. In fact, prices can be cheaper or much more expensive, depending on the condition of the product and the state you live in.

At CarpetAce, we give you the best deals and cheap carpet and flooring because of our long base of quality manufacturers. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, and because of this, we have, over time, procured the best deals and give them to you, our valued customers. Give us a call on 0425 552 816 for a free, no-obligation quote.

What Affects Vinyl Flooring Costs?

Vinyl plank flooring prices narrow down to much more than the business you are buying from, so it’s crucial to balance your flooring specifications with your budget. Picking the lowest cost vinyl flooring may give an undesirable result.

There’s a wide variety of factors that add to vinyl plank flooring prices, so pay close consideration to these characteristics when choosing your floor:

The Quality

Simply put, the greater the price of vinyl flooring, the greater the quality. Think about whether you’d preferably pay more now or later. Lower-cost vinyl flooring may be less long-lasting in the long run and come with insufficient warranties. Meanwhile, with high-end boards such as our Definitive, Urban and Alpine range of vinyl planks, you’ll experience complete waterproof flooring with the ultimate in quality and performance.

The Type Of Installation

The different types of vinyl plank flooring can further influence the overall cost. In general, there are two kinds of vinyl plank, varying in their installation process.

Glue-down vinyl planks or tiles are a popular, cost-effective choice. The use of an adhesive to join the flooring to the subfloor creates long-lasting dimensional balance. This is perfect in environments wherever stability is vital, such as homes anywhere someone utilises a wheelchair. On top of this, rooms with varying temperatures or rough substrate will be better fitted to a glue-down floor. Although glue-down planks are usually cheaper, adhesives and subfloor development will raise these costs.

Floating floors employ an innovative mechanism where planks interlock and assemble over the subfloor, kept in place by friction, confinement and pressure. These are generally of higher class, feel more rigid and include no potentially dangerous adhesives. While floating planks may cost more extra up-front, you’ll most likely save cash in the long run because as they are extra durable.

DIY Installation

Of course, another contributor to the whole cost of your flooring is the installation itself. Arranging your own installation can surely save you money in the here-and-now. That said, what you save today might cost you profoundly in the future.

By approaching a qualified expert to fit your vinyl plank flooring, you can avoid mishaps that will influence the durability and condition of your floor. These sorts of blunders can incur higher costs down the line, particularly if the entire floor needs to be revamped. Licensed tradespeople may give installation warranties to include any expenses in the improbable event of an oversight.

The Extras That Are Necessary

An extra but necessary cost of vinyl flooring is the underlay. Installing an underlay under your vinyl planks presents a barrier against moisture rising from the subfloor and can enhance underfoot comfort. On second storey floors, in particular, you might favour a distinctive acoustic underlay so anyone on the lower floors won’t overhear the sound of footsteps from upstairs.

Getting a Free Measure and Quote

In order to fit flooring into your renovation, or new home and business budget, it’s essential to shop around. Ask for a quote from a variety of retailers and installers in your region to find the best offer possible to you. While approaching a flooring company for a quote, it’s essential to come outfitted with the right questions to assure they’re genuine and you know precisely what you’re paying for. These questions might involve:

  • Are any installation supplies (adhesives, underlay) covered in the quote?
  • Is there any additional cost for subfloor preparing?
  • Are waterproofing and sealing covered and/or required?
  • Does this quote cover both the flooring and installation?
  • What licenses and qualifications does the installer possess?
  • Does the installer have business or trade insurance?

At CarpetAce, we only use trusted and professional experts to carry out installations of our merchandises, meaning the entire process is incorporated for you. Contact us to ask about the installation of your choice of flooring.

CarpetAce – The Best Carpet and Flooring Store In Melbourne

As one of the best flooring businesses in Melbourne, CarpetAce are the Masters of the Craft. More than 40 years of experience has shown us how to save you money by providing cheaper, smarter and more reliable quality stocks imported directly from the manufacturers. With no middle man, there’s no additional cost to you. So what are you pausing for? Give the expert carpet man a call now.

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