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Carpet vs Timber Stairs – Which one is right for you?

Carpet vs Timber Stairs - Which one is right for you
Most people choose either hardwood or carpet when it comes to choosing a material for their staircase. Which is better? We can help you decide if timber stairs are right for your Melbourne home. Let’s look at the differences between hardwood and carpeted stairs.

Carpeted Stairs

Carpet is a popular choice for staircases. Many people choose carpet because their upstairs is also carpeted. Carpet provides a safer surface for stairs in the event of falls.

It absorbs less noise than timber. Carpet is more difficult to clean than timber. This is especially true when you consider how many people use your stairs every day. Carpeted stairs are prone to staining, especially if there are pets or children.

To remove dirt and other debris from your carpet, you will need to vacuum it on a regular basis. Professional steam cleaning is also necessary. It is important to keep your carpet clean due to allergens that can get trapped in it. Carpeted stairs are more susceptible to wear and tear so choose a low-pile carpet so that it doesn’t get matted.

Timber Stairs

The aesthetics are one of the many benefits of a timber staircase. Timber can elevate the appearance of your staircase and, with the right finish and colour, can be matched seamlessly to any style.

Timber is easy to maintain as it doesn’t trap dirt like carpet. All you have to do is sweep the stairs regularly and clean up any spillages. Non-slip products are also used to treat timber stairs.

You can choose high-quality timber to make your stairs. It is durable and can withstand daily abuse. Timber can also be sanded and refinished. You can change the appearance of your stairs as you like.

CarpetAce Flooring Melbourne is able to help you find bespoke stairs that will complement your home.

Our expert team can help you choose the right look for your staircase. Take a look around our showroom to see the wide range of products that we offer. Let us transform your staircase today!

People also ask questions

Is it safe not to have carpet on the stairs?

To reduce the chance of falling, carpets should be installed on stairs. Although carpeting will not prevent falls, it can provide pets and people with more traction while walking up and down. Carpeting also has more cushion than wood so it is safer in the event of a fall. Wood stairs are more difficult to clean.

Do the stairs and floors have to match?

You don’t have to match your flooring for stairways. All it comes down to the homeowner’s needs.

Are stair runners safer?

There have been some innovations in stair runners, so they don’t need to be a hindrance to the beauty of your stairway.  They are safer than leaving your slippery steps bare.

Do stairs need to be darker than the floor or lighter?

Although stairs can look darker than floors, they don’t have to be.   You can make your stairs any colour as long as they fit in with your home or business interior styling.

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