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Carpet Beetles – How To Get Rid Of Them


Yes, it’s true that carpet beetles are a serious nuisance to people with carpets in their homes and businesses. These nasty little beetles have a very short body with a very long abdomen which ultimately ends in a very short neck with two extremely sharpened points. There is no need to panic yet! Keep in mind that these kinds of insects do not usually bite or sting unless they are disturbed. Therefore, you can rest assured that they won’t mess up your house with their disgusting habits. The only problem is they can seriously destroy your precious flooring. What do these beetles look like?

What Do Carpet Beetles Look Like?

Well, first of all, you should know what they actually look like. You will notice them because they usually leave some kind of remnants behind which can be identified as the first stage of their adulthood. As mentioned earlier, adult beetles usually have elongated bodies with elongated heads, which may appear to be bean-shaped. However, their head shapes can also vary depending on the species. Some species of these pests have pointed or clubbed antennae while others possess smooth antennae. Regardless of their shapes or forms, all adult carpet beetles have small “teeth” that are clearly visible when they are standing upright.

carpet beetle lifecycle

When these insects grow to their adult stages, they look very much like the adult arthropods we see around the house: itchy little white ants. However, when they mature they become swollen and their colours change to a more vivid shade of brown. In addition, their legs grow into large and swollen feet. Their antennae become very prominent, and their head grows larger and heavier.

You will also notice that these insects have soft and velvety hairs along with their spines. Unlike most moths, however, carpet beetles have wings that have no membrane (or shed). Their primary source of food comes from wool, silk, feathers, dead insects, and leather. When they mature they feed on pollen.

Usually, the larvae will live in the carpets for up to three months before they emerge as adults. The emergence of adult beetles is often very rapid. The adult carpenter beetles have very small dark brown eyes and they appear to be holding their head upright as they walk or crawl across the floors.

Carpet beetle larvae

Why do these beetles like to live in wool carpets?

Wool carpets are their primary food source, but they will also eat fabric and hair and other fibres such as leather. One of the reasons that they will eat fabric is that the larvae will ingest the glue that holds down the seams of the carpet. If the larva is allowed to mature, it will extrude its body and consume the fabric in that area. Larvae will also eat hair and if this happens to fabrics like cotton it can cause the fabric to become malnourished and start to deteriorate over time.

How do you prevent carpet beetles?

Carpet Beetles are a known pest that invades houses and businesses regularly throughout Australia. There are DIY solutions, but there are many drawbacks to trying to get rid of these pests yourself. A few of them are allergies and reactions to pesticides and chemicals, further damage to flooring, non-preventative measures, and other reasons.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent carpet beetles.

  • Periodically vacuum all carpeted spaces, particularly around the perimeter and beneath heavy furniture.
  • Periodically move cupboards and heavy furniture in carpeted places. Examine the carpet for signs of damage, deterioration and insect movement.
  • At the end of every season, wash and store garments in a sealed bag/suitcase.
  • Check incoming flowers for mature beetles.
  • If you possess many flowers near your home, adult beetles can periodically fly in – insects window and door screens will help.

How do you get rid of carpet beetles?

The best way is to prevent them from coming in the first place is by making sure you never lay down new fabrics on top of old ones. Calling a pest control expert is always the best choice. They are trained and fully experienced in all aspects of how to get rid of these pests and also how to prevent them from appearing again.

Your carpets and flooring is one of the most prized assets of your home or businesses and should be protected at all costs, as it will cost you a lot more if you have to replace the carpets from the damage caused by these carpet beetles.


Looking for the signs of infestation and damage

  • Carpet beetles tend to leave more extensive areas of damage in dark/sheltered spaces (as opposed to destruction in a quantity of spots produced by clothes moths)
  • Piles of abandoned bristle skins (from moulting larvae) can be observed near regions of damage.
  • Droppings – the shape and size of course sand and of colour comparable to the textile they have consumed, will be found at sections of damage
  • Adults emerge in Spring or early Summer and are often located on window sills attempting to get outside to feast on pollen.

Main Pest Season

Carpet beetles tend to be a year-round pest control problem, as the larvae take nine months to mature into an adult (which indicates nine months of eating)—the life-cycle takes around a year, with the adults showing in Spring and early Summer.

The Main Facts About Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are located throughout Australia and can handle more moderate humidity than clothes moths, so they are also located inland from the seaboard.

The larvae do all the damage (the adults only consume pollen). Carpet beetle larvae will eat all varieties of animal material, including wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers and leather. They do not consume synthetic materials.

CarpetAce recommends and uses A1 Pest & Weed Control for carpet beetles treatment and other pests.

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