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Best Flooring for 8 Types of Commercial Properties in Melbourne

Best Flooring for 8 Types of Commercial Properties in Melbourne

Flooring for 8 Types of Commercial Properties in Melbourne

This article discusses the different types of commercial properties and what carpet and flooring are best suited to each type.

Commercial property in Melbourne is a lucrative investment. The city has so many different types of commercial properties available for purchase.

Melbourne’s shopping districts and landmarks are popular commercial properties because the city has so many shoppers constantly walking around these areas. Residential suburbs with high foot traffic are also a common type of commercial property available for purchase, as residents come here daily to buy groceries or other items they need for their day-to-day lives.

Industrial zones close to the CBD are another common type of commercial property in Melbourne, as businesses tend to set up here due to its convenience and accessibility for employees.

Tourist attractions near popular beaches are a final popular type of commercial property available for purchase. Many people visit these areas every year with their families or friends.


Best commercial flooring for warehouses

Types of commercial properties also include storage facilities or warehouses. Commercial real estate offers a wide range of warehouses that can be found in any size or shape. These include standard, high-cube and mega storage spaces. For various reasons like product size, weight limitations or risk exposure, some goods need to be stored at a more secure location than others.

A large portion of the commercial property market is dedicated to warehouse use due to eCommerce and the rise of home deliveries.

Best commercial flooring for warehouses

Floors in warehouses need to be durable, easy to clean and absorb significant amounts of weight. The types of flooring that will work for this application include:

  • Vinyl: This type of floor is flexible and resistant, making it an excellent choice for warehouses. When combined with the right pad, it doesn’t scratch easily and can often provide enough grip for heavyweights. Vinyl floors are also affordable and easy to install, making them popular in warehouses where time is money. Some disadvantages include that vinyl floors can lead to an uncomfortable walking surface if not properly maintained.
  • Rubber: This type of flooring is ideal for warehouses because it provides heavy-duty durability, slip resistance and noise control. It absorbs shock well so that people can walk on it without fear of slipping or hurting themselves. Another benefit to rubber floors is that they are easy to clean by hosing them down with water. However, if not correctly installed, there is a chance that the rubber will become damaged.
  • Vinyl/Rubber Composite: This type of flooring provides all the benefits of vinyl floors and rubber floors while avoiding some disadvantages. It has good slip resistance, but unlike regular vinyl, it also offers noise control since it’s made from both materials combined together. It’s easy to clean and maintain, but it does tend to be more expensive than regular vinyl or rubber floors.

Retail Shops and Shopping Centres

Best types of commercial flooring for Retail Shops and Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are also types of commercial properties in Melbourne that many people visit every day, such as Chadstone, Highpoint or Southland. These malls can be either privately owned by a single owner or by an impressive number of owners.

The main difference between retail shops and shopping centres is that the latter contains several retail outlets. At the same time, commercial properties in Melbourne offer only one shop. For example, Chadstone Shopping Centre has over 1000 retailers for visitors to choose from.

Commercial properties often include shopping centres, a big-box store with a large selection of products, but no services – such as fast-food chains or coffee shops. They are typically located in high traffic areas near residential neighbourhoods and commercial zones.

Shopping centres also offer opportunities to sell goods and services on a smaller scale, so they often have different vendors, such as restaurants and small retailers.

Best types of commercial flooring for Retail Shops and Shopping Centres

Retail shops and shopping centres need to have flooring that is durable and looks good. Carpet tiles are a great option as they’re made from a natural material, making them soft on the feet.

They often come with a foam backing so they won’t slip and slide around if customers spill water or coffee on them. Carpet tiles also come in different styles and patterns, so it’s easy to find something that matches your store’s decor.

Some of these types of commercial flooring can include:

Restaurants & commercial kitchens

Best types of commercial flooring for restaurants and kitchens

A restaurant also referred to as a dining establishment, is a business that prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money. The menu typically lists the drinks available at the restaurant.

The critical component of any restaurant is its kitchen; some restaurants may have multiple kitchens across different locations, such as franchises. The kitchens at each location are separated into sections such as cooking, baking, and refrigeration.

Best types of commercial flooring for restaurants and kitchens

Restaurants are one of the many types of commercial properties that require specific flooring materials. This is because restaurants need flooring that can withstand spills and other hazards from the foodservice industry.

Suppose you are looking for a new floor for your restaurant. In that case, there are some things to consider before making your final decision on what type of material will be best suited for this type of property.

The first thing to consider is the durability of different types of materials. The more durable material is, the longer it will last with heavier traffic areas like restaurants. Moisture resistance is also another vital factor to keep in mind.

It’s not just about which type of material is most long-lasting or resistant to water damage. You also need to consider the cost and how easy it will be for you and your staff members to maintain that material daily.

This includes things like cleaning, repairing damages, and determining what type of maintenance is needed over time to keep your floor looking its best at all times.

Best commercial flooring options for restaurants and kitchens

  • Kitchen areas – Vinyl and vinyl planks
  • Dining areas – Timber flooring and vinyl

Office Buildings

Best commercial flooring for offices

Office Buildings/For Lease Office spaces can vary from large office towers, skyscrapers and mid-rises to suites within a larger building where multiple tenants rent individual rooms.

Office buildings and facilities provide locations for businesses, organizations and individuals to conduct their work: in some cases as a place of employment. In contrast, in others, it may be used exclusively for the purpose such as data centres or long term storage.

Offices can be found in both the upper-end and lower-end of the commercial property market. Large office buildings can offer corporate tenants a cheaper per square meter fee than smaller office buildings.

This is because commercial property in Melbourne can offer benefits such as air conditioning, heating and telecommunication lines. Furthermore, the market for office space has been doing well since Australia’s National Broadband Network was introduced to support small businesses that rely on internet use.

Office space is typically built according to commercial building codes that require specific features like fire protection, access to exits, and structural strength. It is also usually reasonably expensive compared to other property types because of the requirement for specific features that make it safe and comfortable for people to work in a commercial office space.

Best commercial flooring for offices

Offices require commercial flooring options that allow easy access to underfloor wiring and sections, such as access to data wiring and others. The most suitable flooring is carpet tiles because of their resilience, water and stain resistance, and durability when it comes to high traffic areas they are best suited.

Also, their modular design enables the business to pull up a single square to gain access to crucial office components without having to replace or pull up entire flooring sections.

Industrial Warehouses

The best commercial flooring option for warehouses

Industrial Spaces/Warehouses Industrial properties are buildings used for manufacturing or storage purposes. There are many different kinds of industrial spaces and warehouses. They can be subdivided into different classes based on their usage.

These buildings are usually located in industrial districts or commercial centres. Industrial properties provide locations for businesses to conduct manufacturing activities without any concerns about noise complaints from surrounding residents.

These areas tend to have less population density than other property types, such as office buildings or residential homes.

Industrial buildings are typically large in size and take up a lot of land. However, they can be subdivided into different classes based on their usage, which determines the features that will need to be included to suitably serve their purpose.

Warehouses provide storage space for goods or raw materials where a business can access these items at any time. Warehouses are usually large in size and take up a lot of land, so they can only exist independently from other buildings or properties.

Warehouses offer space to store goods for organizations with high requirements on how these items need to be stored. They provide an environment where products can stay from when they are manufactured to when they are shipped out for distribution.

The main goal of a warehouse is to keep all products safe and secure from any damages, weather conditions or other factors that could affect their quality while in storage.

The best commercial flooring option for warehouses

Vinyl, because of its water resistance and high traffic durability.


The best types of commercial flooring for pubs, hotels and motels

A pub is a place where people go to drink alcohol. It is a place that serves alcoholic drinks. There are many different types of pubs in Melbourne, but they all have one thing in common: the pub makes money by selling alcohol to customers.

A motel is a building with rooms or small apartments for people to stay in on a short term basis. It is usually located near a busy highway and operates on a 24-hour basis. Motels provide rooms with either an outside entrance or an inside entrance. They are often of lower quality than hotels.

A hotel is a type of commercial property that can be found in many cities and towns. Hotels provide accommodation, food and other services. The travel industry is very competitive, but some hotels offer significant discounts if you book them before the day you plan to stay there.

The best types of commercial flooring for pubs, hotels and motels

A mix of carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl and hardwood flooring, depending on the area involved. There is a flooring option best suited for any type of area in these types of commercial properties. It’s best to ask one of our carpet and flooring specialists for the best possible solution.

Medical facilities

Best commercial flooring for medical facilities

Medical facilities include a hospital, clinics, and any facilities that provide medical care.

Best commercial flooring for medical facilities

These types of properties require a specific kind of flooring, such as vinyl or linoleum flooring. This is because you need low maintenance flooring, high traffic resistance, and low allergy and high cleanliness characteristics.

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